Web Design Basics Templates & Tuning Bootstrap Admin Templates - The Best Way To Level Up Your Dashboard

Bootstrap Admin Templates - The Best Way To Level Up Your Dashboard

AliceL Templates & Tuning Nov 29, 2016

Let's start with the statement that admin panel templates are products for professional web developers and designers only. Why? Because barely an average Internet user who decided to create a site with the help of the website template, will think about boosting its admin panel. It is like when you want to try to bake something for the first time and buy all the cooking stuff, including a special bowl for beating up eggs. You just don't need it, since you are neither a chef, nor a web developer.

But if your everyday job is connected with website administration, then you should make it as comfortable and pleasant as possible. For this purpose, there are lots of different Bootstrap dashboards available on the web. Each one has its own set of cool features and everything depends on what exactly you need.

Of course, the main task of any admin panel is to be user-friendly and work fast, but not all the web development companies care a lot about their design in general. By means of the dashboard you modify and track back the changes in the back-end of the website, so why don't make it more handy and pleasant to the eye? Let's look through some of the best looking Bootstrap Admin Themes found on the net.

Coloribus Admin Template

admin template

Colorlibus will definitely look good to the eye thanks to its colorful basic palette. Except for its jolly design, this dashboard theme is equipped with a bundle of widgets. They will showcase all kinds of analytics you need about the website in the best manner. The code is well-structured and you won't have any problems finding the necessary element inside. The layout of this Bootstrap-based admin dashboard is flexible and will adapt to any screen and resolution.

Yazeed S.

Thanks a lot! I choose the Colorlib Admin theme because all the necessary components were included. Great template! Thanks a lot!

Live Demo | Download

Bluefire Admin Template

admin template

If you need to give a boost to the way you work with website customization, pay attention to this cool dashboard design. Everything in this template is made to facilitate the work on the website back-end. There is a commenting feature and even a chat for better communication inside the team. The site visits and revenue are submitted diagrammatically, so you can follow the progress easily.

brian g.

fantastic! I could not have asked for a better match for my project. The quality, workmanship, the amount of features this template has goes way beyond what I was expecting to find. This template should be priced so much higher than it is. Great great work!!!

Live Demo | Download

Rubikus Dashboard Admin Template

admin template

Another great example of Bootstrap dashboard theme to beef up the back-end development process. Rubikus has a variety of menu designs, so you can choose which one is best for you. Using a top-notch plugin you will install this admin template with no effort and will start customizing right away. The "on-off" feature will help you optimize the overall process and use only elements needed at the moment.

Daniel Ilas

A very modern and beautiful admin theme for any web developer, love the way it looks and the libraries/scripts offered are exactly what I need to build a beautiful back-end. Purchasing process was very easy and the price is more than correct for it. I recommend it gladly, it's worth it.

Live Demo | Download

MonsterAdmin Dashboard Admin Template

admin template

Check out the Live Demo of this admin panel template to be 100% sure of your choice. The MonsterAdmin dashboard is fully responsive thanks to the Bootstrap 3 framework. It will adapt to any handheld gadget, so you can work on any device of choice. You will find 5 custom skins to choose from and multiple admin forms integrated into the theme.

Have a look at the video presentation to get to know more about its functionality.

Demarcus L.

I was originally drawn to this template for an internal project that I was working on for my organization. I wanted something that was usual and appealing at the same time and this template delivered in both departments. I bought the template the other day and am still working on it to deliver the information that I truly need, so far so good.

Live Demo | Download

Of course, the choice of Bootstrap admin theme should be based on your particular needs. But the thing you can be 100% sure of is that all the dashboards above are developed by web design professionals. That's why they are fitted with the latest features and every small point was taken into consideration. Responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility are the must-haves of these well-crafted admin themes. Choose the most suitable design and enjoy the high quality of these advanced products.


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