Changes on Facebook and What it Means for Digital Marketing

Over the 10th and 11th of April, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, took to the stands and addressed concerns regarding its user's privacy. The most pressing issue pertains to the information that the social network has on its every user and the recent breach of that data by Cambridge Analytica, which, prompted the social platform to relook into the issue and to reassure its users that nothing like that would ever happen again.

Late last year, Facebook realigned its policy with its new vision. Instead of keeping users on the site as long as possible, they have decided that they want to encourage a more positive experience and meaningful life. Upon making an official post on the platform, Facebook enacted on those ideologies and began blocking websites spreading misinformation, sensationalizing news and whichever were not genuine.

While it is a noble attempt, the system is far from perfect. It has already caused headlines over unfair censorship to a religious page, while allowing a post in violation of the new policy to slip through the gaps. However, Mr. Zuckerberg have issued statements regarding these errors and is taking the necessary steps to further ensure that Facebook becomes a healthy platform.

What this means is that Facebook pages that share viral stories with clickbait material will be weeded out, whereas pages with authentic engagements will be boosted for public consumption. Each individual user's feed will be much more customized in order to cater to his or her specific needs and desires.

From a business standpoint, it is definitely a smart move - despite popular belief that it will make ads less effective - as it allows businesses to more specifically target its audience and relay their message to the right people. Furthermore, this decrease of noise will allow for better reception. Businesses will no longer have to fight against distractions.

However, for the less than ideal companies that operate in grey areas, this will force them to relook into their methods of operations if they do not wish to be left behind or, more importantly, banned. The truth is that digital marketing can be likened to a marathon and Facebook's new policies reinforce that. There should not be any short cuts that allow people to get ahead in the race. Any attempt to cheat and create drama to attract attention over slowly growing trust and building one's page up with quality content should be thwarted.

Anyone can generate attention, but it takes substance to retain it. This is one of the many reasons why people pay digital marketing agencies or Google Adwords service Bangkok for expert advice. Imagine a beauty product that promises results in 24 hours and they employ a world-famous celebrity as their ambassador. It might generate hype for a while, but when consumers realize that it is nothing more than blatant false advertising, both the company and ambassador will lose their credibility. Not to mention, face a lawsuit.

Creating worth on Facebook takes time and value should be an utmost priority. Every post and shared content should have something meaningful to add. Businesses have always had something of a precarious relationship with their customers but social media has changed all that. Certain brands have already taken advantage of the interactive possibilities, using it to strengthen its consumer base's loyalty. Those that are not able to give what their demographic needs will easily be replaced by one that "gets" them.

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