Designing a Logo is Easier Said than Done - Killer Tips to Create an Impact-worthy Logo

A logo is a face of any company or brand, something which creates the first impression. Hence, its designing is of utmost value. If executed properly a logo is always a powerful asset for the client's brand image but creating an effective and impact-worthy logo is easier said than done. You need to know more than just graphic design in order to create a successful logo.

If you're a layman or a designer who thinks logo designing is simple, think twice. There's more to it than just crafting the visual identity of the brand by just placing the name of the company within a square and calling it done. If such easy was the task, logo designers wouldn't have been so much in demand.

We literally live in a society which is painted with logos, that too colorful ones. For those are all set to embark on the journey of logo designing, here are some tips shared by few logo designing experts.

Get some preliminary sketches done

As the first step to designing some of the best brand logos, preliminary sketches are a must. They can be simple as pen and paper drawings or drafts made through a vector program like Illustrator. Top logo designers at Designhill recommend you to make at least 20 to 30 sketches or ideas and then start creating variations of the original ideas. And in case nothing seems to look worthy enough, start over again.

Make sure you understand and know about the brand

Logo is simply an image but at the same time it works as an introduction to the brand or company. It should reach out to a target audience and this needs to be kept in mind while designing. Jot down whatever you think about the brand and create a moodboard with images which reflect the ideology of the brand.

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Be inspired by the deeper meaning of the brand than the aesthetics only. Research through other visual brands as they can help you get a relevant idea.

Color is the key point to take into consideration

When taking the personality of the brand into account, you should think of each and every aspect of the image. The bold and bright colors can grab the attention of most eyeballs but at the same time they could seem brash. Hence you may even use some muted colors as they imply sophistication but take note that the brand logo is not so irrelevant that they are overlooked. You can use a simple brush stroke but make sure you don't convey the wrong message.

Size of the logo matters a lot

Size definitely matters when it comes to logo design as the logo should not only look perfect but also be legible at all sizes. If a logo loses too much definition when it is scaled down, it won't be considered as effective as they won't create an impact when they're set on envelopes, letterheads and other promotional items.

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A logo of any brand should look good when utilized for large formats, billboards, posters, electronic formats, web and also on TV. Test it yourself to be sure whether or not the logo is working perfectly on all sizes.

Style of the logo design should be in correspondence with the company

You can use different styles when it comes to creating a logo and to choose the perfect one, you may require background information about the client and the brand. This style can work well for Web 2.0 website or those tech companies but they can't be effective for all sorts of other brands. Research your client and the audience before you start off with your preliminary tasks.

Recognition is the ultimate goal of logo designing

The ultimate goal of creating a logo for a brand is recognition of the brand and how do you think you can do this? This varies from one company to another but the instant goal is to instantly call the brand or the company to mind by seeing the logo.

Can you think of any other product when you see the logo of Pepsi, Coca-Cola or McDonalds? Even a small glimpse of the logos will help you recognize the brands. Combine the elements like style, size, color, originality and typography in order to design the most impact-worthy logo.

So, when it comes to effective logo design, you should ensure following the above mentioned steps. Last but not the least; don't copy the logo and ideas of other designers. Although there is nothing wrong in being inspired by other's ideas but copying their work is illegal. Logo designers from Designhill also advise you to avoid copying other designers' ideas and stick to your own ideas.

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