Designing Travel Websites. Expert Tips to Make Them Simple yet Beautiful

Now is the age where majority of the web designers are striving hard for designing minimalist designs but the only industry which is still suffering from cluttered apps and websites is the travel industry. Instead of focusing more on minimalism, which is usually associated with scanty aesthetics, the objectives while designing for the entire travel industry should be simplification.

Though it is true that simple designs for travel websites is a challenging task due to the huge amount of content that requires being displayed. For instance, if you take for an example any hotel website, you will see that there is a reservation interface which includes multiple steps on multiple screens. Users not only require feeding in information like number of guests or dates, they may even require comparing rates.

Travel is entirely a personal matter and hence the choice of an individual of his "best" hotel is relative. Therefore, hotels should be able to emotionally connect with the travelers. The travel site owner requires including both narrative and images to be able to show the hotels, foods, activities and everything else about a specific destination.

Tips on creating the best travel websites

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There should be flexibility within the blocks of content

Nowadays, there is a new style of writing content in travel websites and it is by including content blocks. They are an effective and flexible technique for showing different types of information on screen which allowing piece of information its personal identity and space. For instance, content blocks may contain images, text, a combination of both, mini animations with rollover effects and they can even be presented as a basic grid or a collage style. Each choice offers a varied experience for the users and you got to decide which choice you would go with depending on the type of content which you publish. When it comes to travel site web designing, you will get various sites that showcase this quality.

Colors and fonts should be subdued or monochrome in design

Colors and fonts are the basic elements of designing which considerably affects the weight of an interface. By opting for a monochrome design or by using muted or subdued colors and fonts, you can apparently soften the otherwise cluttered interface. If you have noticed the Android app of Swissair, you will see that with the main color scheme being in white, the font color is different shades of grey. The city guide screens and the flight reservation screens are usually the busiest in most websites and hence they should be easier to navigate. When you use understated colors, the content becomes easier to read and you can highlight some call-to-actions in order to make them stand out.

Full screen images are the best options

Apart from the music which we hear and the food we taste, we can't deny the fact that majority of our travel memories are all linked with what we see. The designers should offer high quality digital experience to the visitors of travel websites. When you include large images, they not only entice and attract the travelers but it also makes them excited about their forthcoming trip. At the same time, for some other brands, using large images become a part of their effective storytelling tool. By watchfully choosing the images which you use, you can considerably reduce the text which appears on the interface, thereby making the interface appear simpler and clean.

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Keep layering your website with transparencies

It is through transparencies that designers usually handle different needs at once. The users are given a chance to see through various layers of content and they can be an effective option when you wish to create the rollover effect. You can soften up certain images and adds a touch of refinement to an image which was otherwise dull and boring. Instead of creating a navigational bar with its personal space, the designer should utilize transparency to integrate the navigation bar within the images that are used on the page of the site. This will also result in a light interface for travel websites.

Black and white has a different appeal for travel sites

Both the colors black and white are classic in themselves and they have a style of their own. When designers use these 2 colors in creating travel sites, this has a superb effect on the website. Digital designers are following other industries like photography, cinema or interior design. Digital designers are embracing this style and utilizing them to create travel websites focusing on all the essentials and simplicity.

Therefore, if you're a designer who is thinking of creating a super-successful travel site, you may take into account the above mentioned designing tips. It is only by using the best tips that you can create a travel website that can make wonders in the industry.

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