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Everything You Wanted to Know About SVG

Are you looking for SVG files to use for your project? Worry no more, because we got you covered! Here at Design Bundles, we have the best and highest quality SVG files for you.

Introducing SVG

SVG is an XML-based vector image format for 2D graphics with support for animation and interactivity. The specification of SVG is an open standard created by the World Wide Web Consortium in 1999. SVG images and its actions are defined in XML text files.

Following are some of the reasons why you need to purchase SVG today!


You can easily engage with elements inside SVG through Javascript. That’s big thanks to the navigable DOM. That enables you to make interactive elements through SVG the same way you would with CSS and HTML. What’s more, you can also use animations through JavaScript by using new Web Animations API. That enables both complicated, simple animations and interactions to be programmed.


Did you know that the elements inside SVG could be animated? It can make amazing interactive experiences. The animation could be used to add nice small touches to an icon, image or interface. The animation could be made using Web Animations in JavaScript, using the ‘’ tag of SVG.


You know that images could be scaled the same way you scale other elements in a responsive web design. Your image is 100% resolution independent because of the vector nature of SVG. Further, the image looks clear on any display, from the attractive ~285ppi pixel density displays seen on smartphones to the ~85ppi of average monitors.

With our SVG, you can stop making ‘@2x.png’ images and make one file for each of your icon. What’s more, SVG images could be scaled the similar way you scale every other element in responsive design.


It’s what the ‘S’ on SVG stands for. Compared to conventional images such as JPG or PNG, SVG scales from big to small without losing its fidelity or quality. This is because the ‘V’ of the name vector defines the series of shapes, and paths, which are done with connecting points designed on x-y axes.

SVGs could be suitable for more complicated illustrations, such as charts, logos, and graphs. All of your graphics will benefit from being scalable. It can be styled with CSS too.


SVG in a browser has its unique DOM. SVG is treated as another document by the browser and placed inside the average DOM of the page. This is vital for the ‘viewbox’ property, allowing you to draw your images on canvas of all sizes.

Today, SVG plays a vital role in website design. What we mentioned above are only some of the legit reasons why you must start using SVG in your web design work.

So, no matter if you are searching for cuttable, quotes, or want to browse, you won’t be disappointed here at Design Bundles! Shop now and get some of the best-selling SVGs we have to offer.

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