Factors to Consider When Designing a Website

The digital marketing landscape has been evolving over the past few years. It's common for businesses to design a marketing strategy and set up a reasonable budget to execute their plan. Most online visitors won’t take a brand without a well-designed website seriously.

Having a website that aligns with your business goals and mirrors your customer desires is no longer a daunting task. This is because technology is making it possible for business owners to better understand their customers and provide irresistible products. Here are the important factors you need to consider before starting your website design project. 

Mobile friendliness

Prospective customers won’t think twice before moving to the next option if a website fails to deliver exceptional UX. Your goal should include designing your website with a clean layout and clear CTA for easy navigation. This is the best way to create a lasting impression and help your customers to find what they want on their mobile devices.

Having excess bells and whistles will only distract visitors and make your site load slowly. Try to use the right color scheme and optimize images and videos on your site.


Your business and website can't exist without your audience. Conducting research on your target audience and market will help you to put things in perspective. Find out the issues that are bothering them and proffer lasting solutions. This is the key to providing relevant content and reaching a wider audience.

There is nothing wrong in delving into the areas that your competitors are yet to cover. Try to create buyer personas before designing your website and marketing plan. 

SEO optimization

Some business owners still assume that SEO is a buzzword and they can thrive without it. This is far from the truth because it plays a major role in digital marketing. SEO will ensure that the right customers and search engine bots discover and index your site. It's imperative to choose an expert with a track record to developing SEO friendly sites or work with a reputable SEO agency.

Attaining the number one spot in search engine result pages (SERP) won't happen overnight. It's better to offer excellent content and focus on local SEO if you're running a local business. Steer clear of outdated and unethical SEO practices which can lead to a penalty sooner or later.


A significant percentage of small businesses have a limited budget. However, settling for the cheapest option you can find comes with several risks. Websites usually serve as virtual offices and a tool for conversion, so it's worth the initial investment. The best designers tend to have something to offer to the business of all sizes. You won't have to break the bank before building the website of your dreams.


Sensitive data can be lost in the blink of an eye if care is not taken. Ensure that you acquire a valid SSL certificate for your site. This is because encryption technology will protect your data even if a hacker gains access into it. Customers are getting smarter when carrying out online transactions and will rarely enter personal information on a site that lacks optimum security features. Adding reviews and testimonials on your site can also help to build trust.

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