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Social media have long ago become an important part of our everyday life, no wonder we hear it is a must for every website to be 'optimized for social'. But what does it mean exactly - to be optimized for social? And why is it that important?

An 'optimized for social' website means the website has all the necessary tools implemented, so the visitors could interact with the content socially - like the pictures, reshare the articles, images and other media via their prefered social websites. These tools are social buttons and widgets.

The second question is very easy to answer - your target audience is there and so should be you. Long gone are the days when Facebook was a network for Harvard students only and Pinterest was used by future housewives to pin wedding pictures. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, these are all very powerful tools that bring traffic to your website and thus make you more money.

How exactly do you optimize your website for social?

I'd like to note here that we are currently talking about websites powered by WordPress. So, everyone who has used WordPress for at least one day knows how many 'social' plugins there is. Hundreds of them are available for free and not so much. Heck, you probably tried at least a couple of those plugins. Now let me guess - they messed up your design and didn't bring any noticeable extra traffic.

You probably even outsourced the social task to so-called social media experts, lost a ton of money and they probably advised you to post more pictures of kittens.

And another strong probability - you had to go through all of these hassles because the designer that created your website did not think about your social presence at all.

This is where I can help you

I have a professionally designed WordPress theme, created with the social media in mind. Yep, I asked our designer team to pay attention to this very thing - social media presence. And here's the result:

WordPress theme optimized for social

One of a kind "Connect With Us" block

As you can see from the above printscreen there is a block designated specifically to the "follow us" buttons. The block looks consistent with the rest of the design, you can add and remove social networks from the block in your WordPress admin panel. Your visitors won't be redirected anywhere, they will follow you while staying on the page.

WordPress theme optimized for social

Hover over image "Pin it" button

Pinterest brings more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined. Allowing your visitors to pin your pictures is one way to use Pinterest for your benefit. Our hover over image 'Pin it' button will allow them to do just that, without disrupting the design and overall user experience.

WordPress theme optimized for social

'Tweetable' content

Our custom-developed script can turn any phrase into a tweet. This is the most efficient way to ask your readers to tweet.

WordPress theme optimized for social

'Hover cards' for seamless interactions

Do you want your visitors to be able to easily connect with your article authors on Facebook and Twitter? We made the best solution for you - 'hover cards'. When you hover over an author's name the card appears and you can connect with the person as easy as that!

WordPress theme optimized for social

Give your visitors some choices

Want your visitors to sign up to your newsletter, share the post they've been reading, read a few more articles or leave a comment? Give them these choices than! We have neatly organised all these things in one place. Plus there is a 'Quick tweet form', which has a pre-written tweet inside, all your visitors are left to do is click the 'tweet' button. Easy and comfortable, isn't it?

WordPress theme optimized for social

How do you get the theme?

Well, as I've already mentioned - it's absolutely free. You just need to sign up to our email newsletter. And before you think it - no, we won't spam you, we will send things like this very awesome freebie once in awhile. Here's the form to sign up.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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