Glaring UX Mistakes That Drive People Nuts

Have you ever felt like you might explode when a website you open on your smartphone is not accommodating to the screen size? I have recently and I'm sure you have as well. I am also pretty sure there is a number of other web design mistakes that made you leave a website. Poorly designed website is left in seconds, the competitors are a click away after all.

Here is a small list of UX blunders that make website visitors crazy. Please do avoid these, or you'll get this

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

Signup before you can browse

There is nothing more frustrating than having to sign up before you can view a website. This is a way to build an email list, sure, but is it worth all those visitors you lost because of it?

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

Responsive design? Nope, haven't heard of it.

It is really astonishing how many website owners forget people do not use only desktop to browse the Web. The world has gone mobile almost a decade ago! Responsive design is a must, I stand by it and so should you.

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

Forms, forms, more forms

This may come as a surprise, but no one likes to fill in numerous, lengthy forms online, especially mobile users. If you can do without forms do so! If you absolutely can't do without them - make them shorter, eliminate unnecessary fields.

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

Pretty, but unreadable.

You want your visitors to read your website, don't you? I mean - isn't it why you wrote all that text there? So why use unreadable, ridiculous fonts? If you want people to take you seriously choose a proper typeface, it is the first impression you make on your users after all.

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

Your onsite search sucks

The time when people had no expectations for search results has gone. Do make sure your onsite search actually works. People do not have time to look through all your pages to find what they've been looking for.

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

A wall of text

When I see a web page that has only text on it I yawn and go away, unless I absolutely have to read all that info. Break up the text on your website with media - photos, videos, gifs, anything. Don't bore your visitors to death.

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

Displaying products with 100px images

If your business is an ecommerce store don't make your customers use a magnifying glass to look at the products you sell! The site is your showroom, treat it like that. Provide good, high quality pictures. Multiple views of a product is a must as well.

UX mistakes that drive people nuts

So, what UX mistakes make you want to pull your hair out? Share in the comments below!

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