How AI is Changing the World of Web and Logo Design

AI (artificial intelligence) is at the heart of many aspects of technology today. One of the industries that it has been greatly affected is the world of web and logo design. Creating the perfect business logo for your business is not easy, but the benefits of AI can help.

In this post, we'll look at some reasons to try it, and also how companies and solutions are getting quite smart with their technology and making such processes easier for both the business, and their customers.

One of the first companies we can look at is Designhill, which is an online leader in logo design and graphic services. With thousands of freelancer designers already actively creating content on their site, they wanted to step up their game and see how AI can improve their business — both on revenue, and for their thousands of customers.

Through the use of sophisticated AI-technology, they were able to create a revolutionary logo maker that not only provides an endless supply of drafts and logo designs for their users, it also does so without any human interaction or delays.

Now that you have a clear example in mind of how something as simple as logo design can become an advanced and automated solution through the power of AI, let’s take a further look at the logo and branding industry as a whole.

A Brief History of Web Design

Web design has come a long way. Back in the old days, the only thing the designer saw was a page full of code. If you couldn't code, you could not build a website. It was that simple. Over time, we saw the introduction of more advanced tools such as additional coding languages and user-friendly tools that allowed the designer to drag-and-drop content onto your page without using any code.

To read up on the actual history of logo design and how some companies have continually changed their logo designs and branding over the years, be sure to check out this article from ArtyFactory.

Logo Design: The Early Days

Logo design took a similar journey as it evolved from hand-drawn graphics to machine-created designs based on input from the end user. The first logo was created by Bass Ale, a beer company in 1876 and issued the first trademark for their beer brand in Britain. Its simple design may have helped them become one of the best beer producers in the 1890s.

The Evolution to AI Design Technology

Over the years, the technology continued to improve by allowing designers to improve the results by improving the process through automation and AI. Artificial intelligence introduced the possibility of creating a design from scratch using simple algorithms that designers implemented to allow the user to program the design they wanted.

Automation and AI is also used in a wide variety of contexts today including automated payment systems, shopping assistant programs, and much more.

An interesting anomaly is now occurring that is attempting to merge the creative process with AI. While the road to this has not been easy, it is getting better and now offers a more customized approach to the design process for both logo and web design projects.

In the past, the idea has been that creativity and AI cannot co-exist. The thought was that when you increase the amount of automation, you have to sacrifice the customized aspect and it becomes less creative.

But the new AI helps an artist to reach their goals faster and does not seem to interfere with the creative process. More and more, artists, writers, and musicians are also using the power of automation and artificial intelligence to carry on where their ideas leave off. This subtle combination of brains and machines can off the best of both worlds when creating original but well-processed digital assets.

Ghost in the Machine

So how does the AI technology enhance the process of original logo design and web design? It is simple: you use the human side (the artist, writer, designer) to create the initial design and then use the AI technology to perfect and generate the final result.

By combining AI with hand-drawn concepts, you may be able to achieve a design that can be perfectly duplicated while preserving the original uniqueness of your work. This is an excellent benefit of this technique. When it comes to the actual look and feel of your logo design, it’s important to create one that matches the identity of your business. Just like business is different, so are the way logo designs are created, and also the five and first impression they give off.

Many logo design companies have started using this type of technology to create designs simply and fast. When the customer demand is high, it becomes necessary to increase the speed by which you can crank out the products for your customers.

By utilizing the best of the modern technologies to transform the design process into a machine-oriented one, you will have the same result every time. This solves an old problem of making errors with some results and not others, which causes irregularities in the process and product.

Why Use AI?

AI helps streamline the design process for any graphic designer so that the result is always reliable and superior than typical human-created only designs. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva can help you create your design. But, once you have the idea, you may want the advice of a professional design company that utilizes this unique technology.

Some of the best reasons to use a design firm that utilizes AI include:

  • Speed of delivery - With AI type design systems, you can create a logo design in half the time it takes to do it by hand. Smart machines know what you want, and they can produce the kind of quality you need to fulfill your customers' orders.
  • Repetitive process - The ability to duplicate the result is important when creating a logo design. Logos are a necessary and important part of your branding. So you need to have a reliable, predictable system that produces the results you need every time.
  • Fun and easy - Another reason to create a design using AI technologies is that it is fun to do. Whether you are an independent business owner wanting to create just one logo or a logo design company needing access to an entire logo production system, you can create your logo through online logo design sites such as Logojoy.com and others. However, to step up the process, you will want to hire a professional design team to find designers who use this technology.
  • Convenient - The convenience of logo design that attempts to merge the human artist with AI technology is a great solution for people needing a solution that combines tech and art in a big way.
Websites that Design Themselves

One other revolution we have observed in the world of the logo, and web design is the website that can design itself. Many minimalist type websites are already allowing for the utilization of this technology. Check out this article from last year from Apple in which they show how graphic design is changing with AI design tools.

Pros and Cons

All of this being said, there are a few "downsides" to using AI exclusively. First, it is dependent on the level of expertise that the programmer uses when designing the AI program or software. The "smarter" the designer is when designing the program, the more likely it will be that you achieve the result you want. AI is also a driving force in SEO and online marketing as well. You can see how we first predicted this back in 2016.

Second, AI is limited to specific functions that may not all be able to be emulated in the real world. The hand-drawn design is always better regarding originality than AI, and this has yet to be changed.

Finally, AI is predictable. While the program can be created to put out random actions and events, the degree of predictability is still far greater than that of the real world. There is just no way to emulate this process entirely even when you have the best technology available. By combining the hand-drawn tools with the AI-oriented ones, you will be able to continue to produce an excellent result time and time again.

Overall, the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to utilizing AI design. But what you will want to do is to use AI and automated systems to pick up where your hand-drawn results left off. Then you can ensure that the idea you have in your head will be carried over into the virtual design system.

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