Web Design Basics Design Principles How Can You Improve Your Website?

How Can You Improve Your Website?

One of the hardest things to do today on the internet is to make sure that your website is constantly improving.

What do I mean by this?

When you choose to create a website, you will often end up registering up with Google’s search engine service.

This is a good thing, as it will allow Google’s web crawling bot to index your website. However, the problem still remains of making sure that the web crawler is constantly picking up your website whenever it runs a selection of keywords through its data base.

How does the web crawler work?

As a webmaster when you choose to sign up will Google you will have to agree to certain Guidelines. Once you have signed up you will be able to have access to different Google webmaster’s tools. One of these tools will be Google’s Search Console.

The search console is where you as a webmaster will be able to see what the web crawler bot is doing and how well your website does in the search engine searchers.

Now, the next bit of information is vital for understanding how the web crawler bot works. When you create a website, you will be required to submit something called a site map to Google’s web crawler.

This site map is what allows the crawler to find your website. Think of it like a map of your neighborhood that you send to people who have never visited your house before. This is the same principle, once you have uploaded a site map Google’s web crawler will be able to find your site and suggest it during web searches.

What is next?

Well, the next part is where this can all get tricky, however, before I continue I highly recommend that if you have very little experience as a webmaster that you think about making use of services that offer SEO plus Link Building Services.

This will allow you to increase and improve your website's standings while you are still new to the SEO world.

Moving forward, the next thing or aspect about search engine ranking systems that you will need to understand is that websites are mainly ranked on three to four items which are as follows;

  • Page Ranking – The overall ranking that Google gives a page, 0 being the lowest and 10 being perfect
  • DA and PA – How reliable a site is and how good the design of the site is
  • Number of Links – Helps increase the sites overall ranking – It shows a site is reliable
  • Age of the website – Older sites are often preferred

Now with these factors in play, there is only one factor that you cannot change and that is the age of your website.

All the factors that increase and decrease your websites rankings within the search engine index can be influenced, if you choose to make proper use of SEO and link building tactics.

You will find that the better your site is the higher it will sit within the search engines index.


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