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How Effective Blogger Outreach Can Promote Your Brand Online

Building an online presence takes more than just designing a business website and social media pages. You will also have to find a way to gain more visibility to stand out from the competition. Bloggers are now viewed by many consumers as honest voices who will speak the truth about products they have tried. Many buyers seek reviews by bloggers before deciding to purchase items. Engaging in blogger outreach can go a long way in building credibility and trust among potential clients.

Provides Product Reviews

Studies show that the average consumer looks at eleven product reviews before deciding to make a purchase. The sites most visited for advice on whether products live up to their reputation are blogs. As a business owner, focusing on how to get favorable postings about your brand on influencer blogs can go a long way in selling more goods and services. Give your product to bloggers for free in exchange for a review on their site. Buzzmo is a good site to use to research blog posts in order to see how content is performing on social media or major search engines. You can find top performing content in particular niches and contact the owners of the blogs. Offer to provide guest posts centered on your industry. You can also request that the writer place links to your site in their writing to help increase your sales.

Spread the Word Through Multiple Platforms

Bloggers are normally active on more than just their blog site. Many bloggers also seek to expand their reach on various social media platforms. Often times they share their posts on various sites. For this reason, reaching out to bloggers for mentions, reviews or guest posts is effective since content is guaranteed to be seen across multiple channels. When you make a pitch requesting a review or chance to post, make sure you personalize your message to get a positive response. Your approach can determine whether they will consider promoting your product on their site. If they do choose to accept your offer, set up a Google Alert for the product name so you will be notified when a posting goes live. This will allow you to know if you should pursue this blog in the future based on how successful it is at directing users to your site.

Supports Search Engine Optimization

Your SEO ranking will improve if you participate in blogger outreach increasing the likelihood that your site will be found. By working in conjunction with credible sites, you can increase your visibility. A quality link from a source that gets a decent amount of traffic will help your site more than mentions from less credible sources. Planting your links naturally in content gives users a genuine experience. Work on expanding your network among influencers in your industry to get quality leads. Guest posting and embedding links can do wonders for your web traffic.

Allows You to Hone in On Target with Niche Blogging

When you contact blog owners, you goal should be to create long term relationships to ensure continued mentions in the future. Your first challenge will be to get in touch with influencers in your industry so your posts will have impact. Use the tool Traackr to find influencers. You can monitor the success of each influencer’s mention of your product to find out the reach and relevance of posts. By forming relationships with niche bloggers, you can better target those who are prone to buy your product. Chances are if they are reading the niche blog, your product is somehow relevant to their lifestyle.

Drive Up Engagement

Your blogger outreach efforts don’t end after a post has been published about your product. Make sure you interact with readers and respond to their inquiries about the product. You want the consumer to be well informed so they can better determine whether the item or service is right for them. Direct readers to demonstration videos or testimonials so they can get a better idea of what you are offering and how others are responding to it. If you answer questions and comments, potential clients will see you are invested in your product.

Blogs Can Be Brand Ambassadors

Blogger brand advocates can extend the level of engagement with your audience into the future. Research shows that influencers who show passion for your product are three times more likely to drive up awareness, engagement, and sales conversions. Pay attention to bloggers writing style and the personality or tone of their posts. Make sure it is consistent with your brand before pursuing a relationship. Make sure your brand carries out its promises so you will gain more support from bloggers you reach out to. Once you have established support from a credible blogger, continue to send them your latest products or service offers so they will be able to promote your brand.

Power of Guest Blogging

Offering to guest blog on niche blogs is a great way to increase the amount of traffic to your site. You can build positive exposure for your brand and have control over the messaging. Bloggers are then provided with content to update their sites without having to lift a finger. Guests posts create positivity for your brand and give you the opportunity to tap into others audiences. In addition, contributing material to others sites provides you with a networking opportunity. A blogger’s network will see your level of engagement and may consider you as a credible source for their site as well.

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