Web Design Basics Design Principles How Good Website Design Affects Your Brand

How Good Website Design Affects Your Brand

When you have a company, you work to establish a brand. Your brand is your identity, it is the look and feel of your business, the reputation your business has in the eyes of your customers and competitors. It's what helps you stand out from others in your niche. Your brand includes things like your logo, slogan, colours, style, product line, etc.

It's an amalgam of all of the things that stir recognition in your customers. Think of some of the world’s most famous brands. When you see a green-and-white logo featuring a mermaid, you instantly know which coffee company you're dealing with. Or those famous golden arches? There's no mistaking who they belong to.

That's because the company has put time, money, and energy into establishing their brand. A company's website is a big part of their brand and the way in which your site is designed can have a big effect, either positive or negative, on your brand. According to ETRAFFIC, the right kind of website design can make a world of difference in the amount and quality of traffic that is drawn to your website.

The biggest thing to consider when designing your website for your brand is to keep the customer in mind at every turn. Keeping your target market as your guiding principle will help you to make design decisions that will, in the end, add up to a website that is visually pleasing, user friendly, and memorable. With so many choices for websites to visit these days, it’s important to ensure that your website is one that your customers will want to visit time and again.

Let’s look at an example of this idea in practice. If you are designing a website for a high-end luxury handbag company, your design aesthetic will be different than if you are designing a website for a company that sells children’s backpacks. The former will probably feature a sparser design and neutral colours, whereas the latter would probably feature colours that are more vibrant and a livelier overall feeling.

Whatever the overall feeling of the website, it should be easy to navigate. Don’t make your website visitors have to search for information. Make things easy to find and as intuitive as possible so that your customer can find what they need easily and quickly.

Another thing to keep in mind in the design process is the shareability of your content. If you want to generate buzz for your website, it’s important to make it easy for your visitors to share what they find on your site with other people on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Making the right kind of design decisions for your business will make an important impact when it comes to the amount of high-quality traffic you receive and the way in which your brand is perceived overall in the eyes of your target customers. The more you are perceived as a trustworthy and customer-focused business, the better. And the right kind of web design can help you achieve that.

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