How Not To Choose The Horrible Web Designer

This article will be useful for those who are planning to hire a web designer or web design company, already working with such a company or himself is a representative of the profession. We will list 10 grossest errors of the web-designer on which it is possible to calculate quickly the expert of low level.

Too inexpensive services. This is the first and most important thing that should alert you. Creating a good website can not cost less than $1000. Do not expect serious results from the budget option. High-quality site is like a good car - for a penny you risk to buy a junk that spends your time and money and brings little help.

Template pictures: a handshake, a girl with a headset, etc. You've seen them a hundred times, of course. They give the site a cheap and stereotypical look. Lost contact with the performer. Web-designer should be in touch at all times - at least once a week discuss with him the current project. If otherwise you are satisfied with the specialist, his weakened interest in the site - it is not an excuse to break off the relationship. Try to awaken enthusiasm in him again by initiating regular positive communication.

Web-designer does not offer ways to fill the site, that is, simply does not know where to get content. A good web designer already at the first meeting will talk to you about ways to solve this issue and together with you will choose the appropriate one:

  • the customer himself creates the content (you will need perseverance and literacy);
  • the customer entrusts the work to a full-time employee (copywriter);
  • the customer is looking for a copywriter among freelancers;
  • the web-dian himself offers a candidate copywriter from proven employees;
  • the web-designer selects a freelancer to work on the project.

The web designer has no conversion strategy or SEO strategy. A true professional must always look ahead and think about website promotion and conversion already during production. The initial conversion is represented by real sales on the website or requests for detailed product descriptions. Secondary most often is filling out forms in which the visitor specifies his contacts. How do you prefer to contact your customers and how do they usually get in touch with the company? This important issue must be discussed with the web-designer.

The web designer is obsessed with creativity. In this case, your website runs the risk of becoming pretentious and funny, but completely uncomfortable. According to the American agency HubSpot, only 10% of site visitors are interested in their beautiful design. At the same time 76% of users just want to find the necessary information on the site. A competent specialist knows how to make good website design and pay more attention to the good organization of content.

Web-designer does not ask questions. This is a bad sign, because there should be a lot of questions, especially in the planning process. Here are the Top 10 mandatory questions that you should hear from your web designer:

  • For what purpose will this site serve?
  • What is your target audience?
  • What does your average consumer look like?
  • Identify your main competitors on the Internet and offline.
  • Do you run marketing companies offline?
  • What is the geography of your work across the globe, the state, the community?
  • What are your company's principles?
  • Do you have your own copywriter?
  • Do you have any additional information about you in print or electronically (any publications, photos, videos)?
  • Is it possible to obtain analytics from your current website?

The web designer does not have a website structure. You can't start making the site without first making a plan and preparing a layout of all pages. The client approves the layouts, and only then begins directly to develop the design. You also need a clear plan, which specifies all the terms for each of the stages of the project.

Web-designer - friend or relative. Do not hire employees who you will never be able to fire! The only exception is when a member of your family is really a professional. But even if the level of his skills is not in doubt, the production of the site runs the risk of delay because of the "informal" attitude of the artist to the project.

Web-designer found by an ad on the site. Most often, on free resources professionals of high level do not meet. Here they are looking for cheap services and get the right product for the price. And about the price of the site we have already talked about in the first paragraph of the publication.

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