How Promotional Products Work in the Digital Age

The world of marketing has changed as businesses have evolved and moved towards digital marketing of their products and services. In this world of technology, it is quite easy to dismiss the inherent value of promotional products by businesses. They are generally considered to be less effective as well as more expensive marketing method, which makes these products even more irrelevant. However, the reality is different than anticipated.

Many businesses are now turning to digital marketing and advertising and focusing on things like social media and influencing potential customers through their social media platforms, which may put them in risk of losing touch with the customers as the connection through social media and other internet mediums aren’t as personal as it is thought to be. To a certain degree of relationship, promotional gifts allow the business to remain closely connected with the customers as well as develop a brand recognition and act as a constant reminder for the customer about the company. It is quite clear that promotional items can still have significant impact on the customers and influence them towards choosing the business.

But the main issue arises within the business which is choosing the right product to represent best and promote the business. And another thing is when one should give them out? These issues become more clear at networking events and various conferences where companies hand out corporate gifts to the customers. They are handing out cheap personalized mugs, branded pens, etc. or some type of pamphlet or printed material which explain their business.

Sometimes these products can be quite impactful while at other times they just don’t leave any impact on the potential customers. And in the case of technology-based and oriented business, physical products can be quite confusing as well as meaningless. But done with right intention along with clear understanding of well-established goals, the physical swag can certainly be a great enhancement to the marketing efforts of these businesses.

The first thing that businesses need to do delight their customers. By providing brilliant customer service along with a fantastic product isn’t just enough nowadays. With ever-increasing competition among the businesses across all sectors, businesses are now competing for the brand loyalty as well as positive reviews of the customers. The best businesses accomplish this by means of surprising their customers by trying something different and offer something unique.

It isn’t limited to Thank You notes which companies can use as physical swag in order to delight their customers. The companies need to choose and send amazing gifts like branded swag bags, gift baskets, customized t-shirts. By this way, the customers will certainly feel appreciated from the first day.

With this particular philosophy, few companies have customized their swag according to the requirements of the customers and their interests and become the highlight of any customer’s day. These random gifts are branded as company gifts, handed out as thank you gifts, but the spontaneity as well as the specialisation of the gifts truly delights the customer. It is important for any business to boosts the brand impression among the customers and generates a positive word of mouth which goes a long way in adoption and purchase of the products or services.

Another major thing to be looked upon is building a deeper brand connection between the customers and the business. As per recent research on high-impact motivators or the things which drive the consumer behaviour, the brands that enhance as well as help these motivators are quite able to better connect with the customer of the business at an emotional level which in turn pushes the customers to use the product even more. And most importantly, these emotionally connected customers certainly have more lifetime value when compared to highly satisfied customers.

One of the instance of emotionally connected customers is when people that find a sense of belongingness. To enhance this particular desire, the business tap into the group mentality of the people and make the customers feel like a part of the family, a tribe or a team. No matter what the business or brand calls it, it is this sense of community which creates a deeper tie within the customer, and this can easily be done by different ways which include physical items like custom gifts. Again, the first and initial outreach as well as special feeling that a customer has on receiving a gift feel like that the brand values them as a person and values them more than other businesses. Businesses build a deeper brand connection in the particular and similar way that they use to delight the customer with the thank you notes or other types of gifts items such as branded pens¸ notebooks etc., depending on the customer. The difference is that the physical swag is aimed to deepen the brand connection is usually more predictable as well as consistent. When a business consistently follows through the customer with a signature thank you gift or item, giveaways at conferences, or other items, they inherently show the commitment to the customers that goes way deeper than just the main product of the business.

The next and last thing that needs to be considered is to offer a useful solution to the customer when choosing a promotional product. Physical products provide the ability to the business to integrate themselves more into the lives of the customer. Useful product such as promotional power bank is likely to be used by the recipients on a daily basis especially if they own a smartphone and act as a constant reminder about your business. Now your business isn’t only offering the main product or the service to the customer, but it is also thinking way deeper about the needs of the customers. This connection is even more clear and apparent when your item is compared to other items. The more useful your item is to the customers, the deeper is your care about them.

For instance, in this digital age, handing out customized USB drives as products at a conference may not make a lot of sense. With technologies such as cloud and other forms of file sharing, USB drives have turned into an obsolete item. Also, in some cases, traditional USB drives may no longer be compatible with the newer laptops and desktops. If the customer is receiving any USB drive which is no longer in usage, then this product is a complete waste.

Instead of this, the businesses can find success in getting the useful products by following the recent product trends. With the increasing attachment of the customers to their smartphones, there is a market for a unique promotional item like sticky wallet which sticks onto the phone’s back to hold credit cards as well as cash. Since these wallets are quite inexpensive, it is quite easier for the companies to offer these sticky wallets as promotional products. Now, every time the customers pull out the phone or pay for something, they as well as people around them can see the logo as well as the design of the business which also makes a connection between the utility and the brand.

In the end, the promotional products are one of the best ways which you can use to promote your business. Whether you are in a tradeshow or a conference and wish to throw a surprise for your customers, physical products can be quite helpful in better connection with the audience of your business. Promotional products still have great influence on the customers in establishing the brand of the business and earn their loyalty. With these products, the businesses can make a unique impression on their customers.

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