How to Choose Stock Imagery to Create the Right Material

For those looking to add that extra bit of éclat to their designs, stock photography can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Although stock imagery has become something of a meme over the past couple of years, like with pretty much anything, there are levels to it. Simply sourcing free generic images from a Google search is unlikely to produce the results you require. Sourcing the right stock imagery in another way, such as those by Depositphotos, is more in line with enhancing your designs to the max.

Find the right imagery – As mentioned above, there are levels to the quality of imagery you should be using. This comes down to the purpose of your design. If you are designing a PowerPoint presentation for internal business purposes, you might get away with using more generic and bland images to prove your point.

For a marketing campaign or the design of a new website, you should be aiming higher. If there is a push to attract new clients or a wider audience, source the most impactful images you can get your hands on. The vibrancy and attractiveness of good images can make all the difference.

Image & Text Compatibility – This is of great importance as both the imagery and content of the material must be contextually compatible.

What is meant by contextual compatibility is simply that the image fits what the content is about. In simple terms, if you are producing a marketing campaign for a new line of teenage fashion items, you will require vibrant, youthful and colorful photos. Think summer, bright yellows, oranges, and reds, which stand out and speak to a younger audience.

Using bright colors, vibrant imagery and slang in the text would not be appropriate for a marketing campaign aimed at insurance policies for the over-50’s, generally speaking. Factor in the right way to marry images and texts and you are on course to create something special.

Know Your Audience – When designing marketing content, it is important that you understand your audience and how it will receive the message you wish to convey. In order to truly connect with your audience, you will need to decide if certain images would be deemed appropriate or offensive to some.

Your task as a designer is to bring your client’s philosophy, vision, and message to the fore. Doing this requires careful attention to detail as you need to be certain that every aspect of the images you choose do not harm the brand identity of the business. Knowing your audience will help you attain greater success in your design.

Focus on the Detail –Think what the most striking aspect of the image is, and then focus on it. Bring it to life. Match the most important part of the stock photo with the action or concept of the particular passage of text.

You can check the license on the photo you obtain to see if you have the blessing to crop or adjust it to your design. There are times when the photo could be perfect, with just a little more emphasis on the most outstanding detail.

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