How to Create a Stunning "About Us" Page

Are you trying to rebrand, revamp your site, or are you building your first website? Most likely, you have done a lot over the years in an attempt to present yourself in the best way possible to your potential clients. You may be trying to apply the same skills to create the kind of about page that you need to increase your sales.

However, if you are like many people, you are concerned that you may not be able to create a customer-centric About Us page. Other than your homepage, this is likely the most frequented page on your website. You are right to be concerned about your ability to build the most relevant page that provides information pertinent to your audience. But you have no reason to worry given that we are here to help you create a responsive About Us page. Here are the tried-and-tested tips that you need to be able to create the best site.

Title the Page “About Us”

Be sure you make life easier for those who land on your site and desire to learn more about you. As you already know, online users are conditioned to look for “About Us” or “About.” If you use a different term or fail to keep it simple and obvious, you may confuse them and end up increasing your bounce rate, which may hurt your SEO ranking. Some entrepreneurs try to use this moment to showcase their creativity. However, for the precise reasons we have discussed here, you should choose clarity over creativity.

Focus on the Audience

Start by addressing the concerns of the audience. People come to your site to find specific solutions. If they find that you are self-focused, they move on to the next site.

Use your opening sentences to address their challenges and objectives. After that, be sure you state how and why you are the best person to solve their problems and give them the best experience.

Use Different Media Forms

Make the page eye-catching by making the best use of infographics, videos, timelines, photos, and the like. Visual content is often an absolute must for individuals and companies that are concerned about creating stunning websites due to this. However, if that is not the only rationale we encourage professionals to use them or ask them to seek the support of reputable web design companies in San Diego like Quantm Media LLC.

Experts can help you to make your brand relatable to your visitors by using quality images and videos if you need.

If your site features the photographs of your team, you help your audience to put a face on your brand. Moreover, the content can provide context to your story and strengthen your brand identity.

Use the “Humblebrag”

The tone that you employ to communicate will build or break you. Remember that no one wants to associate with too humble or too arrogant people. As such, you need to find a middle ground, which is commonly known as the “humblebrag.” In other words, you should use your About Us page to brag about your company humbly.

You may be thinking that it is challenging to brag humbly, but that is not true. By using customer testimonials, this is what you are doing. You are using others to brag about you. This approach helps you to come out as humble, but you still achieve your goal.

Remember that your website is supposed to help you to build credibility and trust. However, you cannot achieve this if you fail to use some customer testimonials on the About Us page. If possible, ensure you include the name and image of the customers alongside their quotes to achieve this fast.

Include Valid Contact Details and Address

Many people still feel scared when they think about conducting business over the internet. This is the reason you find many people who cannot act on your recommendations until you disclose your address. If you do not prefer disclosing all the relevant details, consider including your city or town. Otherwise, you may register massive traffic but fail to convert. A physical address is not enough, though. If you want to convert most of your leads, you should consider including your Skype details and social handles. Where applicable, you can also add a link your Contact page.

Do Away with Jargons

Avoid that dull and cold language. Many people think that writing in jargons is that best way to make their audience notice their intelligence and ability to deliver on their promises. Unfortunately, it can create a wall between you and your audience. All that people want when they land on your page is to learn what you do and how you can be of help to them.

If you are asking how you should create your content, the answer is that you need to write conversationally. There is no other writing method out there that you can use here. However, when it comes to your style, you are free to choose one that suits the needs of your customers. If you post easy-to-read, engaging, and useful content on the page, your website feels accessible and friendly.

Ask for the Opinion of Others

If you consider yourself an expert web designer, it is still best for you to hear what others say about your work. Your colleagues, peers, and clients can give you great reviews. However, if necessary, you should consider working with other professionals, such as SEO Services San Diego, who understand all that you need for search engines to rank your website favorably. The trial and error method may take too much of your time without giving you the desired results at the right time.


All your web pages play a critical rule in boosting the success of your website. However, if you want to achieve the best results, you must invest a lot of energy and resources in building a responsive and customer-centric About Us section. Other using your technical skills to create the page, you must learn how to post quality content, use testimonials, include the required contact details, and connect with your audience to be able to achieve your marketing goal. If you need help to design a classic site, never hesitate to contact a credible professional.

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