How to Design a Customer Friendly Website

When it comes to your business’ website, you want something chic, unique, and impressive, right? While that should always come into play when you’re in the designing stages of your website, there are a few other important factors to consider. You’ll need to design a website that’s incredibly customer friendly, and that, unfortunately, can be a little bit tricky.

Because every customer is different, you’ll need to include a few broad, and a few specific, strategies in order to best ensure you’re crafting a website that makes the most sense for your audience. Consider website designs like JJ’s House and VeryVoga. These sites are clean, beautiful, and of course, easy to use.

We’ve laid out a few of our favorite tips for website design to help you craft a customer-friendly, ever-unique, and gorgeous website!

Keep it Simple

When designing a website with the goal to impress, many people often go overboard to accomplish this idea. The good news? You don’t need a super complicated website in order to wow your customers. IN fact, most often, the easier the website is, the more often people will use it, and the more often people will be willing to visit it. Have a website with easy-to-understand navigation so people won’t struggle with where to go on your site. Make your titles short and keep everything organized in a methodical, logical way. Your content should be clear, and it should be well-formatted in order to avoid any confusion.

The Aesthetics Should be Important

This is, arguably, the best part about designing a website. Once your past the functionality, it’s time to consider the actual aesthetics of the page. This is actually incredibly important. Often, it doesn’t matter how easy it is to use a website if the actual format is visually unappealing. People want to be wowed and impressed by the design of your website and ensuring that the aesthetics are unique and clean are going to be major factors in that. We suggest checking out the latest trends in website design and balancing them against your company or brand’s theming. Always make sure your aesthetics on your website match the branding your company has – this will keep your brand messaging consistent and avoid confusion about the site.

Consider Your Load Times

This is a simple one, but one that matters most – if you have slow load times, people are likely going to be frustrated and ex out of your page. The speed of your website is always going to matter, so ensure you’re constantly running quick response tests on your page. People don’t have long attention spans, so if something refuses to load, it’s likely they’ll move on to the next best thing, which, in your case, means your competition.

Mobile Friendly Matters

We live in a mobile world now, so it’s vital that your website has incredible mobile functionality. Most people now-a-days are searching the web on their smart phones, so it’s unlikely they’ll give your site the time of day if they’re unable to access it on their mobile devices. Make sure everything is responsive and mobile friendly or else it’s likely your website will be passed up for a more mobile-friendly one.

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