How to Design a High Converting Website for a Fintech Company

A business website is not only the heart of online presence but the center of all marketing endeavors as well, that’s why you should choose a user friendly and pleasing to eye web design for your fintech company not only to grab attention users but to convert them into valuable customers. As professional and highly experienced marketers always know that overall design of a website can make the difference between success and failure, you should also consider the basic web design tips to boost conversion rate of your fintech website.

Regardless of you have a proficient internet marketing team, perfect SEO strategy and constructive products as well, if your web design is not user friendly and poor as well, chances of converting the website visitors into customers are inferior as users will bounce quickly from your website without taking an action. As a customer’s journey starts right after typing a favorite terms or keyword in search bar, your website and its overall design should guide the potential customers or consumers through that journey to convert them into permanent customers.

If you are wondering on how to design a high converting website for a fintech, just go through the article and find the best web design practices that can boost conversion rate of your website incredibly. Tips to design a high converting website for a fintech company.

Design your website for users

A website should be designed for users not for designers or search engines. Getting new users landed on your website is definitely a tricky task but keeping them engaged on your website is harder than that. A user will only stay longer on your site and take an action that you want him/her to take if your website is simply impressive and easy to navigate as well. A user friendly website is always simple in appearance, faster to load on browsers, easy to navigate and most importantly resourceful in guiding the customer towards conversion to boost sales.

High quality, informative and unique content

You should be having a foolproof content strategy for your website in order to provide your users and potential customers with high quality and most relevant content that help them in solving their problems or issues they are facing. Understanding the needs and problems of your audience can help you create compelling content. Creating content that resolves customer queries and issues can work well to boost conversion of your website.

Consistent Branding is also vital

Consistent and sleek branding is one of the vital elements to design a high converting website for fintech agency or company. Since business branding always begins with logo and slogan, always make sure that graphics used in the website, titles and overall web design are consistently branded to provide users an appealing user experience keeping them away from confusions. Consistent use of color scheme, images and fonts etc can help you make a website that converts.

Noticeable calls-to-action

If there is no visible call to action on your website, it will fail to convert visitors into customers as visitors always want a simple way to proceed an action that you want them to take. Quality content is also vital to grab attention of visitors but noticeable call to action is the most important web design element to make a website that converts incredibly. A well-placed CTA on your fintech website impel website users to take the very next step in your favor. But, always remember to add only 1 call to action per page to convert users into customers without interrupting overall user experience.

Simple and user-friendly navigation

With help of simple and user friendly website navigation, visitors can easily find that they are looking for from your side. During the process of designing your fintech website like préstamos en línea, you should place each web page, section or category where it fits naturally and will be easier to find by users. Limiting your menu items to 7 or fewer is a great idea to design a high converting website.

Make your web pages load faster

In this busy age of life, people will never ever wait for a slow loading website and will definitely move ahead for a better choice. Website load time is one of the most important things to consider when designing a high converting website for financial startups. If your web pages are taking more than 5 seconds to load completely, you have to take initials steps to make your web page load faster. You can simply speed up your website by removing any unnecessary contents like videos and heavy images that are making your site slower.

Showcase your products creatively

By placing your products or services creatively on homepage, you can create a first great impression on visitors as you will only have few seconds to convince. High quality and professionally captured photos and spotless product descriptions will help you put your best products in front of your visitors. Always choose best selling products with good images and feature them on the homepage to let potential customers know that what you are selling the most.

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