How To Design A Website For Healthcare Professionals?

Your medical website reflects the digital image of your practice. A well-structured and appealing website will not only help you bring more patients, but it will also boost your reputation.

Even though designing the process of building a website for healthcare professionals is similar to non-medical websites, there are certain things that web developers should keep in mind such as data visualization techniques that help patients make sense of their health.

Though most websites of healthcare professionals have similar features, some features might differ depending on the category of the healthcare professional that will help enhance the user experience.

Let’s have a look at the tips to design a website for healthcare professionals.

1 - Dentists

When it comes to designing a dental website, your primary goal should be to make yourself visible in search for your location. Also, the message on your website should be clear and appealing enough to convert your visitors into patients.

How To Design A Website For Healthcare Professionals? 1

Ensure that you provide ample information about the dentists working in your clinic/hospital. Prospective patients will trust you more when they know about their dentist’s background. Additionally, use these dental web design tips to win the trust of your prospective patients.

The main features Dentists must have on their site include:

  • Information about the dentists and their specializations.
  • Option to schedule an appointment.
  • The age range of patients you treat.
  • Clinic hours and contact information.
  • Content that educates your visitors about the importance of oral health and helps patients keep their mouths healthy.
  • Dental videos to increase confidence and trust in your Dentists.
  • A testimonial section highlighting the success ratio of your patients.

2 - Chiropractors

Every healthcare website out there is claiming to provide the best services in their location. However, as a Chiropractor, you need to provide proof of quality service.

How To Design A Website For Healthcare Professionals? 2

The best way to do it is by asking patients who are satisfied with your service to provide a testimonial that you can use on your website. Testimonials from real patients will act as proof of your outstanding service and may help you win some extra patients.

The main features Chiropractors must have on their site include:

  • Option to schedule an appointment.
  • Clinic hours and contact information.
  • Focus on services you offer (especially high-tech services like light/laser treatments).
  • The latest chiropractic technology or other equipment you use.
  • A testimonial section highlighting the success ratio of your patients.

3 - Therapists

You need to create a website that allows easy navigation to your visitors and effectively displays your private therapy practice skills. Also, make sure you break down the medical jargon into simple descriptions when creating content for your site so that each and every visitor can easily understand your expertise.

Highlighting the problems you solve with your therapy services in as short as possible will help you grab the attention of your visitors. Also, make sure you don’t list your specializations and every other condition that you treat together.

The main features Therapists must have on their site include:

  • An introduction about you and your practice.
  • Option to schedule an appointment.
  • List the problems you help with.
  • List the benefits of therapy.
  • Allow visitors to filter content by topic such as anger, anxiety, depression, etc.

4 - Hospitals

According to NBC News, 21% of internet users search for hospitals online. Therefore, it is important to build the right foundation to attract new patients. Chances of attracting new patients increase when potential patients get the answers they’re looking for.

Therefore, it is important to list all the services your hospital provides along with the special arrangements available (if any). Instead of focusing solely on appointments, use your website to inform and educate your patients. This way you can build a long-lasting relationship with them.

The main features Hospitals must have on their site include:

  • News and updates.
  • Contact Information and map location.
  • Appointment scheduling form.
  • Emergency services information.
  • List of doctors, their expertise, and working hours.

5 - Optometrists

When designing an optometry website, make sure you list the different eye condition specializations along with any onsite procedures you offer. Also, include a list of eyewear brands that people can buy from you.

Instead of filling your optometry website with lots of text, keep it simple and include only real images and videos of your business. Too many texts can distract your potential patients whereas including important information will help you increase the foot-fall in your clinic/hospital.

The main features Optometrists must have in their site includes:

  • Vision care and eye care services.
  • Medical and surgical eye care services you offer for conditions like glaucoma, iritis, cataracts, and other problems.
  • Types and brands of eyewear your store has.
  • Clinic hours and location.
  • Option to schedule an appointment

Final Thoughts

Designing a website for healthcare professionals is not too complex. There are certain things that must be included in the website no matter the doctor’s area of expertise such as office hours, address of the office, and an appointment booking form on the homepage of the website.

Also, depending on your specialization you must write content that helps visitors understand your expertise. This will also help you boost your website’s rankings in the search engine results page, which in turn will increase your site’s organic traffic.

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