How to Design a Website for Women

Women look at colors and designs from a different perspective. Men usually allow women in their life to make decisions about color harmony in home design. They even ask women to shop for their clothing knowing that women have better perception when it comes to color combinations. Men are not the most helpful shopping companions because - while they have normal visions - they struggle to distinguish subtle differences in color, especially yellow, green and blue. This is also true for website development particularly if you are trying to go unisex with design.

How to Dedicate a Website to the Female Population
Avoid Sharp Corners

Virtually every website designed today is based on a grid style as a grid-based layout is more aesthetically appealing and balanced. However, sharp corners may not be the best choice when the target audience is women. If you have no alternative but to use square boxes for texts, you have to make sure that the sharp corners are smoothened out. Having that said, it does not mean that you have to use circles or ellipses.

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Be careful with your Color Choices

Not all women love pink, maybe the little girls or those in their early teens but not those who have reached the age of maturity and understand that life is not a fairytale. The color of your website will be based on the product you are selling. If you are selling Barbie dolls, then pink or shades of pink will do but if the site is related to fashion like a beauty salon or a spa, white would be the best choice for background so that the text will be easily readable. Other shades of colors can be used, such as grey or red that looks quite appealing for women.

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It comes as no surprise that women are always exasperated with the color choices of men. They see colors differently which means that when choosing a color for your website, it's best to choose a shade based on a woman's perspective. One more thing to consider is the role of the woman in the home. The mother usually does the shopping for the whole family and buys all kinds of things, such as clothes, food, home décor and personal care products.

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If the aesthetics of the website are considered, the best solution is to make it more appealing for women.

White Space is More Appealing to the Female Population

Women hate clutter, they want everything to be spic and span. Working mothers who are too busy at the office still manage to spare time for house cleaning. It is no longer surprising why white appeals to most women. White looks clean, peaceful, pure and simple. White when used for website design gives a sense of reliability and security.

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The Importance of Easy Navigation

Researches reveal that most women surf the net looking for products during their spare time at the office. They are often in a hurry to get back to their work which means that the website should be user friendly with easy to understand navigation. Women can also be impatient; they cannot wait forever for a page to load especially if they are using their lunch break to search for some products. Use elements of design wisely but make sure they target women to best meet their needs.

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