How to Get More Web Design Work as a Freelancer?

So you are skilled and experienced in designing and optimizing websites, but you are joining the web design marketplace as a freelancer. You know that this type of business is flooded with professionals who have worked with small and big companies over the years. But being the free-willed and go-getter person you are, you decide that it is best to put your skills to the test to earn your way to success and achieve personal development.


Whether you are new to this field or already established your business, the following tips will help you locate the right jobs that match your skills, build a robust portfolio and earn good money.

1. Start with customizing your website

As is the norm of any business, building and selling your brand starts with informing your potential clients about your company and products or services. As a freelancer, the best way to woo your clients is by customizing your site. It is their first place where users can see all your work, contacts and how you price your services.


The site should offer a personalized approach to solving your client's needs in the shortest time possible. Also, it acts as a sales page where clients can request your services.

2. Take to social media marketing

While your prospects may be small business entrepreneurs or top management from giant companies, you can never underestimate the online presence you may unearth from social media. Nowadays, people spend most of their time online, so it doesn't surprise that they will look for your business on social media platforms.


The comments or reactions your page receives can be equated to customer reviews where potential customers can vet your performance and professionalism.

Joining a social media group increases your chances of meeting people from all walks of life. It acts as a stepping stone to a vast realm of opportunities since you meet with international clients. Don't get surprised when someone from Asia or South America chooses you to handle their next project.

While you could be the best design expert of all time, always remember that professionalism is your biggest bargaining chip, even on social media. Ensure you respond to all their requests and provide the best solutions to address any concerns they may have.

3. Cold-pitch your brand to potential clients

Customers are looking for the best services, but most of them are not sure whether you are qualified for the job. This is the time to put your cold-pitching proficiency to the test. When a client hits your email or contacts you via social media or website, craft a creative pitch to help them realize why choosing you is the best decision they can ever make.


Remember, your target audience is a group of individuals who know how the Internet of Things (IoT) works. The more you show your web designing skills, the more it will influence more traffic which will translate into sales to their business to better your chances of trusting your services.

4. Local businesses could be your biggest cheerleaders

Businesses around where you live or work may seem like they already know who they want when promoting one of their own. Nowadays, locating resident businesses online or through referrals is easy. As a skilled site crafter, identify which organizations do not have websites or upgrade theirs to the latest formats and approach them with a good proposal.


It is time you took this advantage and reached out to them. You can choose to book an in-person appointment or call them directly. If they respond, ensure you avail yourself for the interview and show your projects to them.

5. Use special occasions to market your brand and increase your referrals

As it stands, weddings, graduations, birthday parties and staff retreats happen almost every week. Web designing should not only be limited to companies alone. Instead, it should also help you widen your networking skills for such types of occasions.

Of course, these events attract business proposals for various companies. Use this opportunity to make your intentions known to the companies involved in organizing the events or providing other services.


Word-of-mouth marketing strategy also works in such a scenario as your previous clients are your best referrals. If someone was happy with your work, request them to refer their friends to your business. Let them know that their contributions towards growing your venture is highly appreciated.

6. Be part of an association or a group of web designers

The best way to understand how your industry behaves is by being part of like-minded people. If you are launching a web design agency, you might need a lot of graphic work done for your various project requirements. A quick solution to that is to "outsource your graphic design" needs so you can focus on designing websites. There are companies like BrandRipe who charge a fixed monthly fee and provide graphic design services for the whole month with unlimited designs and revisions. This way, you can not only save some money but can also network with fellow graphic designers and get new clients through those networks. They can also share insight into where you can land gigs and the latest market trends. Use this time to grow your potential.


The beauty of being a web designer is that you choose when to work and who you will work with. As long as you are proficient and abide by your work ethic, there is no reason why anyone would not want to work with you. Once you get the clients who value your services, ensure you do your job right the first and every other time.

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