How to Hold a Contest on Instagram to Attract Followers?

Over the past few years, from a regular photo and video sharing application, Instagram has transformed into a full-fledged social network where people can communicate, share information, tag each other in posts. This, in turn, attracts a wide audience: from ordinary users who publish photos to entrepreneurs who promote their own business and major Internet portals.

Contests are one of the ways to promote an account. With their help, you communicate with your audience, attract new followers to your blog and activate old ones. The bottom line is that you promise participants a gift for the fact that in one way or another they will tell other users about you. This method of promotion is considered effective. If you want it to be even more effective, you can buy real likes on Instagram, this will help your post to become more popular both in the feed of your followers as on the page of the hashtags!

What kinds of contests can you hold?

There are three mechanics that marketers advise to alternate with each other. Of course, if they are all relevant to your business.


The easiest option. Several bloggers or brands combine and contribute equal amounts for which they buy a prize for the winner. Those who want to participate are only required to follow all the organizers, put a few likes and make a repost on their account. The winner is determined using a random number generator by one of three actions:

  • Your brand hashtag written with the repost.
  • The number left under your post. Each participant writes a number +1 to the previous one.
  • The number of likes under the repost notes.

The prize for a simple action

Another simple way to promote an account is to hold a contest on Instagram with comments. The condition may be the task “continue the phrase”, tag a friend, take a photo and put it under the post, come up with an interesting signature. You can also add to the program reposts and likes.

How to Hold a Contest on Instagram to Attract Followers? 1

Creative task

The mechanics are similar to the previous one, but a bit complicated. The participant performs the task on their account. Ask followers to take a thematic shot, make something with their own hands, write a poem or story and add them to your page with your unique hashtag.

In recent years, bloggers increasingly hold contests on Instagram in Stories. They collect more feedback from the audience. Tasks can be simple: post a unique post or screenshot from your account with its mark. The winner is usually determined using a random number generator. To find a person under this number, go to Direct and count the required number of mentions. The results are laid out in the Stories or in the general tape with the randomizer. For more people to participate, leave a link to the conditions in your bio.

How to hold a contest on Instagram: step by step instructions

Here are some basic rules that we describe in this section, regardless of the selected scenario. For ideas, click here.

Choose a prize in advance

Analyze the target audience, understand what is valuable to them. Do not save on the prize or choose something inexpensive, but rather something significant for your followers. The more difficult the task set before the participants - the better the reward should be.

Make a good photo

The best option - the image of the prize. Make a beautiful layout (several items that make up a single image) or photograph the thing in the hands of a person. The text is better placed in the caption of the picture. The picture is more correct to write a short description. In the post, write down the rules so that the readers understand how to win the contest on Instagram. List them so the information is easier perceived. Add a permalink to the profile.

Do not forget to mention all the conditions. For example, a public account, a subscription to all the organizers, a tag to your account or hashtag. Tell your followers what date and time you will announce the winner and how you will choose it. The optimal draw duration is two weeks.

Decide on the place and time of placement

Stories or feed. Analyze the behavior of your audience using statistics on Instagram.

Selection of the winner in the Instagram contest

If the task was creative, you will need a jury, which will decide. The disadvantage of this way is that there is a high probability of receiving accusations of partiality. To select a random number in the lottery, you can use one of the sites: giveawation.com.

You need to log in via Instagram, specify the conditions and generate the result, following the instructions. You assign the number yourself and send it via Direct to each person, or the participants put it in the comments.

Promotion of the contest in Instagram

The competition itself also needs to be promoted. To reach more people, follow these steps:

  • Copy the post to other social networks to the site.
  • Use Instagram advertising.
  • Conducting various activities helps to improve profile statistics and find new followers. Interesting tasks in the stories, creative ways and simple lotteries in the comments work best. The worst repost is "tag a friend." Do not deceive the participants and honestly give prizes, then contests will bring you only benefit. Record the statistics before the draw and after to evaluate its effectiveness.
Why post users in Instagram comments

To use Instagram to promote your ideas most effectively, you need to know exactly what opportunities it offers, how to use the available tools. One of these tools is the tag function. With it, users can mention the person in the comments on Instagram and in the post itself. Tagging people (these can be profiles of friends, celebrities, or just strangers) is a fairly useful and simple tool. With it, you can highlight someone in a photo or in the comments.

Tag users in the publication itself is done in order to indicate to followers on the person present in the photo. In the comments, people are tagged for various reasons:

  • To attract a particular person to your favorite post.
  • To post a question or appeal to a person.
  • If the user has been tagged on a photo in a different profile, he can respond to this with a response mention in his comments.
  • In contrast to the tags in the description, the tags in the comments are used primarily by commercial profiles engaged in the promotion of business, specific goods or services, web resources, etc. For example, a person can publish jewelry and note that it was made by a specific specialist or company and is sold in a particular store. In this case, a comment with a tag may serve as a positive or negative review. Similarly, they do it when advertising other less popular users.

We hope we gave you all the information you need to create your very own Instagram contest, good luck!

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