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How to Tailor Your Blog to a Niche Audience

A niche blog is one in which the blogger writes about a single topic and a single topic only. The term laser-like precision is very appropriate when it comes to thinking about the purpose behind such a site because when it comes to communication of any kind people respond better to clarity and brevity. A niche blogger has an opportunity to develop content that targets a particular audience in a way that answers their questions and keeps them coming back for more. Someone who lacks that laser-like precision is at risk of sabotaging their content before they have even started.

The appeal of a niche blog is that it meets the basic requirement of an online search. The fundamental reason why people search the Internet is to solve a problem or find an answer to the question they have. Therefore if someone is looking for a particular answer and a website is simply rambling content on all sorts of diverse topics then that site is not going to be of any use to them. Nor is it likely to appear anywhere near the top of search engine rankings.

The reasons why someone would write a targeted blog are therefore apparent, but how does a blogger go about identifying their niche? It might sound simplistic but they should focus on a topic they know and are passionate about. This could be a topic such as religion, parenting, a particular sport, a movie genre, or a favorite television show. The topic could also be business related and draw on the blogger's personal experience in areas such as starting a business, marketing, or developing a website using WordPress themes. Lifestyle blogs typically focus on content that is far more general but there is nothing to stop someone from developing a space for themselves by writing about a particular lifestyle topic, with examples ranging from gardening in the city or vegan cooking, to meditation or traveling on a budget.

So having a passion for a topic is a fundamental piece of advice but what are the other top tips for starting a niche blog?

Short- or long-term

A blog about a particular television show or movie will likely have a limited lifespan. Once the buzz has faded, or the television show/movie is no longer on screen, interest in the website will fall off. From a blogger's perspective that is not necessarily a bad thing but they need to be ready to capitalize on audience interest as long as it lasts and be ready to build traffic to their site quickly.

To monetize or not

There are bloggers who will simply want to share their love of a topic with a wider audience and are not interested in monetizing their content, however, niche sites have a unique ability to leverage advertising and affiliate marketing. Making money from advertising works better if the topic is narrow enough to attract a particular audience that advertisers are keen to reach out to. A blog would need to have built up a sufficient level of traffic before advertising programs will even consider it. Affiliate marketing works best if the topic ties in with pre-existing affiliate marketing programs or where associated products/services are actually available to purchase. A blogger should conduct his or her research on affiliate programs carefully, and choose one that not only best matches their topic but is also reputable. To be associated with a disreputable third-party risks driving traffic away from a blog and undermining its reputation.

Do not forget keywords

A website about gardening is one thing but the blogger needs to ask themselves what type of gardening they are focusing on. Gardening is too broad a term. In contrast, city gardening or gardening tools is more precise. The individual behind the site needs to identify keywords if he or she is hoping to drive traffic to the blog and monetize it with advertising or affiliate marketing. The most popular keyword tool available is Google Keyword Planner simply because Google is the most popular search engine. Google's advice on how to use its Keyword Planner most effectively is well worth a read.

To get a better idea of how a successful niche blog works it is worth studying the following examples:

Religion: This is a very broad term covering sets of practices and beliefs stretching across five main religions and incorporating some 84 percent of the global population. However, a site such as The way international offers a good example of how to create something more targeted from the broader topic of religion, which in this case is the use of research into and study of The Bible as a way of understanding the fundamental teachings of Christianity. The availability of French-, German-, and Spanish-language versions of the site acknowledges the global reach of Christianity without undermining the niche nature of the blog's content.

Gardening: By focusing on a specific type of gardening a site such as Life on the Balcony is able to target a particular audience of those small-space gardeners who use containers on patios and balconies to grow their plants. The clever use of recipes using produce grown in containers extends the content without losing focus. The posting of gardening videos takes into account the reality that websites are above all a visual medium.

Business start-ups: Anyone who has ever started their own business knows the importance of getting the best advice and advice can come in many forms including inspiring words on how to succeed, such as those provided by Startupqoute. Who does not like to feel inspired? This website is a clever take on motivational advice. The quotes posted on Startupquote are backed up with good design and strong imagery, making for an appealing user experience. The images have embedded in them a subtle reference to the site itself so when users share them with others there is a link back to the blog and this creates a higher volume of traffic.

Developing a niche blog gives the blogger an opportunity to focus on developing content and building an audience with a level of purpose that will serve them well over the lifetime of the site.

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