How VPNs Enhance SEO

For any internet business, search engine optimization is an absolute must. It is vital to advertise and engage clients skillfully, and this field of knowledge is in high demand. The SEO industry is booming. Whole in 2016, $65 billion were spent on SEO in the United States, the number is expected to shoot up to as much as $79 billion by 2020. The money is well-spent.

Virtual private networks are indispensable for anyone who wants to keep their real location and IP address safely hidden. However, there is an application for them in the dynamic world of SEO. For an in-depth comparison of different pieces of software, visit Vpn-review.com. But how exactly will you benefit from using a VPN?

How VPNs Enhance SEO 1

The benefits

Basically, the software gives you access to the internet via a safe encrypted network. This secures both traffic and data. Your IP address is replaced, which conceals the origin of online traffic.

1. Better privacy protection

Thorough research involves analysis of your rivals' sites - in particular, the marketing tactics and keywords used. And these vendors will detect your interest and IP address unless you hide your true location. As a result, they may do the same with your website - i.e., copy useful sales techniques.

2. Local SEO

As search engines display results based on location, marketing research could be inhibited. If your business is based in England, you will not see what results in, say, American Google online user sees. For competition analysis or ranking of your business in US-based search results, this is an obstacle. Hence, a virtual network will help advertise products, contributing to successful ecommerce overall.

Naturally, there are other tools at your disposal. However, switching locations to see specific Google results will only take seconds. In addition, you will see location-specific ads.

3. Avoiding reCAPTCHAs

During your research, you may need to enter a big number of search queries. In this case, Google may display a message saying it has detected “unusual traffic from your computer network”, and take you to an error page with a reCAPTCHA. Solving it takes additional time, and it becomes annoying. Once you get the error page, simply change your VPN server, and the problem is nonexistent.

How VPNs Enhance SEO 2

4. Working Remotely

Finally, since teleworking is on the rise, a large share of SEO specialists now do their job remotely. With a laptop, you may conduct research from almost any corner of the world.

This is where geo restrictions arise, blocking access to certain sites or tools. For instance, users in China may not be able to open Google. However, if you select a server in some area that does have access, you are good to go!

The uses of VPN for e-commerce may not seem obvious. But any professional must be familiar with the range of useful features of vpn. This help enhance such aspects as online traffic, branding, and social reach.

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