Web Design Basics Design Principles How Your Web Design Can Make or Break Your Digital Marketing Strategy

How Your Web Design Can Make or Break Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s era of Digital Marketing, having a strategy isn’t just about charts, figures, estimates, and using applications to track the page rank. With several providers providing affordable digital marketing services today, all these metrics help you in judging how well your site is doing (or not doing, for that matter). But, there’s something that runs deeper into the DNA of the strategy you build for a client – than the web designing put into the site. Today, we’ll be talking about how your web design can make or break your digital marketing strategy.


To begin with, the main source of your revenue and traffic is your audience; those who visit your site and stick around to read and absorb the content you’re putting out in the world. And, if they encounter long waiting times on your site or maybe a design that’s cluttered, buggy, sluggish, or there are no clear roadmaps to browse the site, your readers are going to have a tough time choosing to navigate through your site. This part of the equation is called the UX (short for User Experience). With a bad UX to your site, there won’t be much to do when a user gets irritated when using your site.

Too simple or too complicated?

Further, your site shouldn’t be so complicated that users have a hard time finding things, but it shouldn’t be so simple that it takes away from its credibility. This is exactly why a lot of budget goes into UX designing for websites.

Your website as a brand

Now, UX leads to another big thing that you can get beaten in – your website and your brand. The problem with an ugly looking interface is that it causes users to develop ideas about the website, which further get propagated by something as easy as word of mouth; hence, there goes the reputation of your site. Good luck with getting it back up on the charts.

The question of SEO

Another thing that most people are unaware of is that while you’re revamping your site, your focus should remain on bettering your SEO game or, at least, keeping it intact (if it’s good). In the process of redesigning your website, if you mess up your SEO work, your page rankings will straightaway go for a toss. And, trust me – you don’t want that to happen.

Duplicate/Redundant pages

Boy, this is a major killer of your strategy if not tamed well in time. The thing a great many people don’t realise is that their site is spawning duplicate pages – original pages, pages that pull data from these pages, and further, pages that are pointing to these pages. An occasional duplicate page can be excused, but if there are a couple (and they are observable, at that), they’ll come into the eyes of your audience sooner or later or get picked up by the analytics algorithms; thus, will mess up the page ranking.

Now, this post talked a great deal about things you shouldn’t be doing with your web design. We hope that you can make use of our pointers and create a better experience for your audience. All the best!

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