Impelling Principles of a Great Website Design

Design of a website has emerged to be an important marketing strategy. In fact, the design of a website has proved to be more efficacious in bringing visitors to your website as compared to other factors. The more efforts are put towards designing a website better are the results. Designing an aesthetically pleasing website is similar to essay writing. Just like when writing down an essay we need to break it into fundamental parts; while designing a website too we need to concentrate on basics and certain critical points to get the best outcome. Let us review some of these essential factors.

Keep it Simple

If you believe in clogging your website with all the design features you can fit in then you need to work on changing your notions as a website which displays an over-clogged design is certain to misguide the visitors from the very objective of the website. On the other hand, a simple design makes it easy for the visitors to understand the purpose of the website. Apart from serving to explain the purpose, simplicity, also enables the visitors to understand the flow and functioning of the website easily and naturally.

A simple design enables each page of your website to convey its purpose quickly and clearly.

Clear & Effective Communication

Nowadays nobody has time to browse through paragraphs of data. People want the desired information quickly and easily without putting any additional efforts to get the same. Hence, it is very important to organize the information in such a way that it is easy to read and understand. You can use headlines, bullet points, and sub-bullet points to explain the concepts instead of putting down big paragraphs and large sections

. Convey Messages through Photographs

A message conveyed through an image will stay in a person’s mind for a longer time than the same message being conveyed through a piece of text. Hence, utilizing images and quality photographs in a website design can aid and assist a lot in reaching out to your target audience. However, it is recommended to avoid images that move or flash as still images are more preferred.

Also, if you are utilizing photographs you need to keep the size in mind. The size should be kept as low as possible till the level, quality is not compromised. This is essential to keep the loading time of a webpage to the minimum as viewers opt out of visiting a website which takes more time to load.

Moreover, please be thoughtful and aware of the licensing regulations associated with the images as most of the images have a copyright associated with them. So, if you are going to use copyright images; you are required to pay for that.

Mobile Friendliness

Now is the era of smartphones. People gobble on data more from their mobile phones instead of laptops or desktop computers. Hence, it is an absolute necessity that you make your website mobile friendly. If you don’t dedicate efforts to make your website all-screen-size friendly; chances are that a viewer visiting through mobile won’t put in efforts to visit your website through laptop or desktop computer as there might be several other websites, which are mobile-friendly, and cater to the needs of that particular viewer. This way you will lose probable conversions.

Design Must Magnetically Attract Viewers

More efforts are required to be put into designing of the homepage or the landing page of your website. The home page must have a magnetic attraction and a charm to instill the visitors with a compulsiveness to browse your website deeper. It will be tough to do so but your efforts and endeavors will, undoubtedly, pay off in form of more visitors and more conversions.

More Choices Require More Filters

If you are designing an e-commerce or a similar website; chances are that you might be selling a big number of products. More the products available on your website more difficult it will be, for your visitors, to make a choice. Hence, it could happen that a probable customer leaves without purchasing anything.

It’s obvious you can’t decrease the number of products from an e-commerce website but you can, definitely, add filters. Filters enable better decision making by helping the customer to dig down to a single choice and ultimately purchasing the product bringing business to you.


Apart from all the above-mentioned factors, it is necessary and essential to conduct a research to identify the needs and wants of your target audience. Once these requirements are identified the same must be used in cohesion with the above-mentioned factors to carefully design a website which is goal-driven and emphasizes on as well as clearly communicates and reflects what matters the most to your visitors.

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