Importance of Video in Web Design

Video content on webpages is becoming more popular, even social media has joined the trend, maybe a time will come when 90% of webpage content will be videos; it should not be surprising because videos are more effective when passing information than any other media format. It may take over a thousand words of text to explain the content of a 2-minute explainer video, and various recent researches have even revealed that majority of internet users prefer to watch a short video than reading paragraphs of text. So if you are not yet using the power of video on your website, you are missing out. Still doubting? Then you should check these unbelievable stats about the most popular video sharing website; YouTube.

  • YouTube receives over 20B visits per month.
  • Total number of hours spent by users worldwide to watch videos on YouTube accumulate to over six million hours.
  • More than 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

You will be surprised at video usage statistics of other famous websites like Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. According to Cisco, digital videos will consume over 80% of web traffic by 2020. Cheers! We are getting closer to 90% takeover predicted earlier or maybe 100% if possible.

Here are ways video contents can boost your website popularity, and in the long run boost your business:

  • Boosts SEO; Search Engine Optimization, is the term used for how sites are ranked on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. imagine you are into real estate, and contents from your website come first on the list or result generated by the search engine any time someone tries to find out about real-estate. Updated algorithms used by Google and other search engines favor websites with more video contents.
  • Boosts Brand Awareness; since more people are interested in watching videos rather than reading texts, featuring more video contents will keep your audience glued to your website, and they will share to more audience. In little time, more people are aware of your website and business through your videos.
  • Boosts Conversion Rates; video type like explainer video work wonders when trying to let the audience know what you are offering or when you want to call them to action. An explainer video often convinces the audience and helps them to make well-considered decisions, thus making your lead-generation an easier and automated task.
  • Unique Brand Identity; you should agree that copying text on a webpage and editing some few lines is very much easier than editing a video enough to be convincing that it is unique video. Videos allow you to maintain a unique brand identity in your content, copied and manipulated videos can be easily discerned.
  • Social Media Sharing; Social media love videos and almost all these websites and apps have been designed to play shared videos on the spot, rather than redirect to the sharing source. This certified that the presence of your brand will be felt more on social media if you post video contents on your website.
  • Videos are game changers in the digital world of business, but only when you know how to utilize them; you can learn about how to use explainer videos for landing page performance at mysimpleshow.com where you also can create your videos.

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