Introduction to Django

Recently, programmers were presented with the Django framework, which uses the Python programming language as the basis. When a programmer develops a certain idea, it only takes a few minutes to transform it into a programming language and give it a real form using Django. The technology is freely available and makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of web development, as the developer can focus on the design process and the development of application functionality. Thus, Django is the perfect tool for start-ups, when web design should reflect the concept and goals of the company. Let’s find out from this article what are other benefits of using this framework and what is Django developer salary in different countries.

Django & Python

Django appeared in 2005, and gradually it became one of the best frameworks that helped and helps thousands of developers to do this or that job in a few minutes. Initially, it was a framework for the Python language. It is well known that Python is one of the most used programming languages due to its simplicity in learning, design, and flexibility, which makes it an almost perfect programming language. Due to its excellent functionality, Django noticeably simplified a number of difficulties in the development of web applications, giving this work an even simpler approach.

Django In The Center of Attention

Let’s consider the main benefits of apps development with the usage of this technology.

  • Rapidity. Django was designed to help developers create an application as quickly as possible. These include the formation of ideas, the development, and release of the project, where Django saves time and resources at each of these stages. Thus, it can be called the ideal solution for developers for whom the question of the deadline is in priority.
  • Full featured. The framework works with dozens of additional features that significantly help with user authentication, sitemaps, content administration, RSS and many others. These aspects help to implement each stage of web development.
  • Security. Working with this tool, the coder gets protection from errors related to the security of the project. To effectively use logins and passwords, the user authentication system is the key.
  • Scalability. The framework is best suited for working with the highest traffic. Therefore, it is logical that a large number of downloaded sites use Django to meet traffic-related requirements.
The Sphere of Usage

Planning and implementing Web sites is always accompanied by a large expenditure of effort. Django is one of the best frameworks for today, which allows a programmer to quickly develop high-performance and full-featured sites. With its help, scalable and easily extensible Web applications with a design of any complexity are easily stacked.

By abstracting from the low-level Web construction process, Django allows developers to quickly create dynamic database-based Web sites. One of the main advantages is the portability of the products created on its basis due to the portability of the high-level language Python.

Thus, the framework is designed to create applications with high scalability and websites, the attendance of which is rapidly growing from thousands to millions of visitors. This framework works great out of the box and provides all the basic functionality required to build an application in Python, including the web interface, database operations, administration functions, and so on. As the project grows and new requirements appear, Django also grows and provides more and more opportunities to meet these requirements.

Django Developer Salary Overview

As this tool is convenient and popular in web development, we decided to find out what is Python Django developer salary in different countries. The results are as follows.

  • The indicator of the average wage for Switzerland is $7500 as a monthly payment.
  • Django developer salary in the US is estimated at $7200.
  • A coder who lives and works in the UK is able to receive $5000 for a month.
  • Django web developer salary is $1700 in Ukraine and this fact makes the country rather attractive for hiring coders here.
Few Words to Conclude

There are a lot of pros and cons of Django not mentioned in this article, however, when it comes to a project with the deadline, using this technology to solve the task is a competent solution. Django is an integral framework, perfect for start-ups and large companies for launching web applications. It provides all the necessary tools for operations with the application.

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