Is It Time For a New Website? These Signs Say Yes!

Studies show that the revenue a business nearly doubles when adding a website to their arsenal of marketing tools.

Showcasing the products and services your business has to offer is easy with an appealing website. If you already have a website in place, you need to assess its condition. Having a website that looks outdated or that is cumbersome to use can make it hard to attract new customers.

Working with a company like Lilo is a great way to revamp your existing website with ease. Here are some of the signs you may notice when it is time to invest in a new website.

Your Current Website Design Isn’t Responsive

Did you realize that nearly half of the traffic online comes from people on mobile devices? If the current website design you have is not responsive, you need to change this immediately. Usually, mobile users who have to resize a website they are visiting will leave shortly thereafter.

Instead of losing business due to an outdated web design, you need to hire professionals to build a mobile-friendly site. The money you pay for this new site will be worth it considering the increase in quality sales leads it can provide.

Higher Than Normal Bounce Rate

The bounce rate your website has is the percentage of users that land on the site and do not look at any other pages. Generally, a bounce rate of around 50 percent is considered normal. If this percentage is higher than normal, it is probably due to a bad web design.

If your existing design does not entice visitors to delve a bit deeper, it can lead to less than stellar sales leads. Allowing a web designer to assess the condition of your existing site is a good idea. Once this assessment is complete, the web designer can give you an idea of what needs to be changed.

Is It Time For a New Website? These Signs Say Yes! 1

You Are Not Ranking in Google Search Results

One of the main goals you should have when getting a website constructed is optimizing it for search engine success. If your existing site has been online for a few years, you should be showing up in Google search listings. Not showing up on the first page of Google is usually a sign that your existing site needs to be replaced.

Getting a clean slate with a new website will allow you to optimize everything from your content to the images on the site. With the right professional guidance, you should have no problem bringing your vision of the perfect website to life.

Rebranding is Easy with a New Website

Is your company in the process of getting rebranded? If so, a new website is just what you need. Using your new logo and color palettes on your site is a great way to reinforce your brand.

Before you hire a web designer to help you with this project, be sure to get a look at their previous designs. Doing this will allow you to assess the skill level of the designer with ease. The time that you invest in this type of research will pay off in the long run.

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