Key Google SERP Features That can Benefit Every Business

Google's masterminds are hard at work enhancing the search engine's algorithms and user experience design. Google has an array of SERP features every business should know about. SERP is an acronym that stands for search engine results page. The aim of search optimization (SEO) is to get the business's content listed on the first couple pages of search results. Let's take a look at the most important Google SERP features New York internet marketing companies focus on.

Rich Snippets

Take a close look at the results of your next Google search and you will find some of those results include additional information in the form of rich snippets. Such unique information is provided to facilitate timely access to the desired information. This extra information is referred to as a rich snippet. Businesses that implement a structured data mark-up in their website will be empowered to tack on these additional words. The overarching goal of this additional information is to generate that many more clicks on the search engine results.

Local Packs

Businesses that target local customers must do everything possible to appear in the local packs of search engine results. After all, nearly one-half of all searches Google are localized. The majority of these searches will generate local packs.

As an example, when an online sleuth types in something like “hair salons near me”, he or she will be shown a map with all of the local hair salons listed including their:

  • Address
  • Hours of operation
  • Star rating
  • Contact information

Businesses looking to enhance their local SEO will take full advantage of this important SERP component.

Video/Image Packs

Plenty of online searches will display image or video packs prior to the organic search results. Google understands people favor websites with a multitude of high-quality multimedia. This is precisely why the search engine giant commonly features video and images in search results. Video/Image packs have the potential to pull clicks away from the search engine’s organic results so every business should ensure its multimedia components are optimized for search engines to the same extent that written content is optimized.

Featured Snippets

The featured snippet is one of the most prominent SERP features. Featured snippets are diminutive paragraphs from the page that briefly summarize the online sleuth’s query, positioning it toward the top of the results. It was not long ago when websites were permitted to win the featured snippet and remain listed within the organic search results below, resulting in considerable visibility and clicks.

However, Google now bars sites that win the featured snippet from appearing on the first page of organic searchresults. Even though it is no longer as impactful to win the featured snippet, this SERP feature will still win website clicks.

Related Questions

Scroll through Google results pages and you are likely to spot a box labeled “People Also Ask.” Thepurpose of this box is to make it easier for users to obtain more information about the specific subject in question with suggestions of related information worth exploring. Such questions and answers are typically around 30 words long. As long as a business’s pages answer questions in such a short paragraph at the beginning of the text, there is a good chance its information will appear in the Related Questions feature.

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