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Companies that do not track their assets are exposed to significant legal and commercial risks. All companies must know perfectly the process of acquisition and distribution of software assets that are used in their work environment, as well as any element involved in a Audit Software. This process should be an integral part of any IT management company.

If an organization does not properly track software assets, the company's finances will falter, negatively affecting the company's work activity. The costs, in addition, are unpredictable and can be loaded with legal and commercial risks. This entry highlights the most important points that must be taken into account when going to perform a Audit Software:

To be prepared

Whatever the way of entry to perform a Audit Software, the organization must make a work plan with the technology area and with those responsible for acquiring and assigning the licenses. Then, you must prepare a detailed report with all the documents that guarantee the purchase of each license. Although the company receives a notification to carry out the audit in any case it necessarily means that the company is suspected of acting outside the law.

Any risk assessment should begin with a review of previous Audits Software. Carrying out an exhaustive analysis, the strengths and weaknesses of the same can be extracted, helping to obtain a wide knowledge about the risks of non-compliance and to avoid past mistakes.

Know the figures that can intervene

In addition to the manufacturers, there are several figures that can exercise and notify part of the process of a Audit Software:

The lawyers

They can inform the organizations, on behalf of the manufacturers, about the date and conditions of the visit of a judge and an expert expert in Audits Software.

International audit firms

These are consultancies specialized in services and technological applications that are partners of the main manufacturers in the world. Form.com Technology is an organization specializing in Information Technology that offers companies the necessary help to guarantee the fulfillment of their professional assets.

Business Software Alliance

The commercial group responsible for stopping software copyright infringement represents some manufacturers against consumers. Even if you cannot sanction a company that does not mean you do not take action against you if it shows that you are committing some type of infringement against their constituents.

Know that nobody is exempt

No company is exempt from being audited even though it has been audited the previous year. In fact, audits have increased since 2009. According to Gartner, 68% of organizations have had an audit request every year.

Be careful with the versions

In companies it is common to install demo versions of programs for certain projects. It is essential that these versions are registered and, if acquired later, be notified. To this we must add that, in many cases, companies make fraudulent use of half of the programs installed in professional devices. By not having access to the updates or technical support service, there is a greater chance that the program will not work properly.

Manage business assets through a Audit Software

Computer programs are one of the main work tools for many companies. Therefore, and to prevent risks, it is essential to correctly track all the software assets of an organization. Form Technology offers the Fix solution with which any company can manage all the programs it uses to improve and optimize work performance.

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