LMS for Customer Retention, Some Questions to Ask

It goes pretty much without saying that customers form the heart and soul of your business. Therefore, keeping customers happy should be a company's topmost priority. If your customers are satisfied, then they'll definitely return to you. Also, information sharing happens to be an important part of customer retention. If your customers have regular updates about the company, then it'll help them in staying up-to-date.

At times, information gaps lead to misunderstandings. Under such circumstances, consumers call-off their association with the company. Losing out on the existing set of customers is nothing less than a curse from a business house’s perspective.

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) provides businesses with a great way to get in touch with customers. Customers can undertake worksheets in order to have a better understanding of the company. It’s not always about selling. Having efficient channels of communication with your target audience will add significantly to your overall brand image. Customer training can also be made simpler using an LMS. You can always share the information you think your customers should be aware of. However, you need to take a few questions into consideration before you plan to begin with the customer training part.

These are:

1. Can customer retention be increased through training?

Customer retention happens to be the primary goal of a business enterprise. Everybody loves to have a set of loyal customers. You can count on them. They trust you and you trust them. If you tell your customers about the product you’ve launched, then there is every possibility that they’ll recommend it to others after using it. Tell your customers about the potential uses of the product (LMS). Tell them how it will help them in taking their productivity a notch higher. Provide them with a solution. If they find a solution regarding the existing set of problems they are facing, then they’ll definitely use your software. It will help you retain customers. So, the answer is yes.

2. Can customer training help me in curtailing my costs?

Another important question. Traditionally, customer training used to cost a lot of money. Earlier, advertisements had to be prepared for the customers. Instruction manuals also had to be printed. Distribution costs were a different kind of a pain, but today, you can simply upload a video promo giving a sneak-peek into the product. Once the product is launched, you can upload a video tutorial that provides customers with instructions regarding the product at its uses. From the monetary side of things, this will also help you save a lot on advertising and stuff.

3. Should a customer training programme support multiple languages?

Ideally yes. The idea is to increase your customer count. Developing a multilingual LMS isn’t the easiest of tasks but the effort is truly worth it. If your idea is centred around customer retention, then making your LMS available in a wide variety of languages is definitely an awesome idea. Not all customers are English speakers. Different people speak different languages. Having different languages will not only help widen your audience, but it will also make the audience realize that their needs are being catered to.

4. Which features make customer training LMS a success?

A host of things, such as:

  • User Interface
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Ease of use
  • Multimedia support
  • Responsive design
  • Value for money LMS


Once you answer all of these questions, you’d be able to take your customer training programme up by several notches. Remember, customers are the fulcrum around which your business rotates. If you don’t communicate with your customers on a regular basis, then all your advertising campaigns would turn out to be an exercise in sheer futility.

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