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Logo Basics: Tips to Make a Boring Logo Design an Effective Logo

Logos are the cornerstone of every business, and every business website needs a logo. Statistics show that it takes 10 seconds to form an opinion on a logo and 5 – 7 views to recognize the logo. The first impression your logo makes must be a lasting one.

Ask people if they remember their plumber's logo – chances are they don't. But ask someone if they remember Nike's logo or GoDaddy's logo, and they're likely to answer: yes.

Logos must meet the following criteria:

  • Appropriate – The logo must be appropriate to the business
  • Timeless – The logo needs to remain timeless and not stuck in the past
  • Simple – A complicated logo is one that's difficult to remember
  • Memorable – A logo needs to be simple, yet memorable
  • Versatile – The right logo should be applicable for all applications (web, print, ads, etc.)

And by following these tips, you'll be able to create an effective logo that your brand can build on.

1. Start with research. Logos require competitive research. Know and understand your target market. Gain inspiration from the logos you find, but also remember that a lot of brands have good logos because they thought outside the box.

2. Remain flexible. Theory and visualization are two very different things. An idea for a logo may not come out well visually, so be prepared to be patient and flexible throughout the design process.

3. Be cautious with redesigns. Learn from the mistakes of large brands that have changed their logo and suffered backlash from their customers. Brands have a heritage, so focus on small tweaks that respect this heritage when redesigning a logo.

4. Tweak the logo. A logo may not be perfect on the first iteration, and it most often isn't. Tweaks and personalization come from a base logo. Make sure to consider all logos and maybe not what the logo looks like now, but what the logo, when personalized, can become.

5. Typeface needs attention. Change the typeface of the world's most famous logos, and they become unrecognizable. When a standard typeface won't do, the right option is a bespoke type that is unique to the company.

6. Negative space is your friend. Make use of negative space. Negative space can be seen in FedEX's logo, and it can be used to make the logo stand out and simplify the design.

7. Color theory is important. Color psychology is very important, and the colors you choose will play a major role in brand association. Ensure that the designer chosen understands color theory. Color schemes need proper management, and it's important to select a dominant color with supporting accent colors only.

8. Sectors have colors. Certain sectors have their own color trends, and these trends can be followed. Don't be afraid to break away from sector colors, but they can help you formulate new ideas.

Logo design is a long process, and if you want the design to be done properly, you need to find a designer that specializes in logos. The logo will need to flow with your business's branding and purpose, so there's much more involved than just a graphic.

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