Magento Web Design Trends in 2020

When building a business it's better to start on the right foot than the wrong. Looking into your online market and conducting research based on your niche and demographic is the best way to maximize profits. Another way to guarantee positive customer impressions is through investing in your site and using software that will give you the most updated customizations and tech that will help you cater to consumer interests like Magento the website development platform Stay on top of trends and popular looks that will take your business to the next level and make you look like a serious merchant that offers quality products and customer satisfaction. Take a look at some of the most used web design trends of 2020 that will keep you and your competitors on a level playing field.

AI Technology

Chatbots and other forms of AI technology play a major role in the e-commerce world. AI technology assists in sorting through the tedious tasks and frequently asked issues that would overwhelm business owners. Certain issues like password problems, how-to’s, and common consumer problems are handled via AI technology if the concern is not too complex. Artificial tech’s learnability can make predictions and recommendations to shoppers based on their purchase history. They have the ability to offer products and suggestions that will most likely influence consumer positivity resulting in increased shopping and return buyers to the store. AI tech is not only available through the site, but also with voice commerce devices like Alexa. Consumers have the ability to utilize voice commands like ordering food or placing a product order ahead of time.


A personalized experience for consumers leads to increased sales and conversion rates. Ecommerce stores that offer suggestions and personalized interactions gain repetitive consumers that return due to the ease of finding products that match their interests. Magento smart technology provides many outlets and options for delivering a more personalized experience for consumers via customization and a myriad of design features not readily available on other e-commerce platforms. With so much competition in the online sales world, businesses need to stand out and bring innovation to their online stores.

Social Media Selling

Social Media is essential for online credibility and the frequency of sales overall. 84% of online shoppers in the U.S. look at one social media site before making a purchase. Facebook and Instagram are extremely valuable in this sense since business owners can advertise new products, sales, annual discounts, and create hype on these platforms via high-quality pictures and a direct link to the website. Staying up-to-date with social trends provides a foundation for merchants to get creative and sell their products in innovative and entertaining ways. Not-to-mention the ease of viewing products at the simple click of a button that can direct shoppers to the main page without knowing the brand beforehand. Magento can smoothly integrate all social icons and links into one vibrant layout.

Parallax Effect

Parallax is the new age of amplified quality in e-commerce and delivers aesthetically pleasing effects that will leave consumers in awe of your page and products. Imagine depth and motion coming together to incorporate vibrant looks and the illusion of 2D and 3D images popping out in the background as buyers scroll through the site. Parallax aims to add a creative look and unique way to deliver information aside from the standard.

Simplified Layouts

Less is always more depending on what you are trying to convey to your audience. A cluttered website can leave users confused and overwhelmed resulting in a lost customer. Simple layouts speak volumes in terms of sophistication and practicality and also users can absorb and process the brand more efficiently than a website with a lot of noise. More Magento websites are heading toward this style and utilizing what is known as negative space to ensure a more readable website and proper spacing.

Conversion Boosts

Smart search technology makes it easier for users to find the products they’re looking for which leads to more online sales and popularity. Access to a proper Magento development company will aid you in creating the perfect space that will contribute to increased profits yearly. AI technology, smart search software, and bots are making a huge impact on the e-commerce world and assists in personalizing user experience as well. One Magento tech device that can help manage and boost conversion leads is known as Searchanise. Searchanise displays relevant products, suggestions, and images as the consumer types. If your store has hundreds of product pages to sort through, Searchanise can offer customers what they need before they realize what they want.


Mobile devices are taking the e-commerce world by storm. These days every teenager and adult carries a smartphone in hand which they use to shop for products conveniently without the hassle of sitting at a desktop. Seamless digital device synchronization is critical for a successful ecommerce business and must be engaging and user friendly for consumers who have never seen your brand before. Mobile devices show positive testimonials, social media, relevant products to your brand, and how the business is viewed overall in the public eye. Finding a reputable Magento development team for your company will help to give your users the ultimate mobile experience that is sure to impress and leave them wanting more.

The software trends of 2020 are expanding the e-commerce world by providing retailers with more opportunities to make a profit and build their businesses to new heights. If you are thinking about starting an online business, upgrade beyond the limited features of other e-commerce platforms, and invest in a Magento based website. According to the website, https://scandiweb.com/magento-design-service more companies thrive on this platform. Magento is great for merchants that desire customization, design, hosting, and more.

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