Online Database for Web Designers

In this blog post, I'll illustrate how using an online database software such as Kohezion can help web designers organize their work while boosting their business productivity. Web designers are used to having much latitude to be creative. Using online database software to build database applications requires just as much vision. You get the opportunity to create the exact applications you need, without templates to limit your imagination.

First, let's make sure all of you understand what exactly is online database software. Basically, people use this kind of software to manage their business data. It allows its users to create database applications to track data such as clients, jobs, calls, inventory, or any other data fundamental to their business. From accountants to teachers and from small business owners to web designers, everybody can benefit from organizing and managing data efficiently. It allows its users to create the exact database applications they need, without any programming skills. The data is securely stored in the cloud and is accessible at all times. Setting up an account can be done within a couple of hours.

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There are quite a few benefits of using online database software. Working as a freelancer may be a bit stressful at times. Using the best tool to organize your clients and jobs will reduce your stress level tremendously. No need to worry about understanding complex database architecture and coding. This kind of software allows you to create your applications without needing any programming skills. If you can drag and drop, you can create database applications. Don't worry if your budget is limited. Online database software isn't a budget buster andcan even be used for free. If you have pre-existing data, there is no need to start from scratch. Your data can easily be uploaded directly to your account to create your applications. On top of all these benefits, organizing your data helps you stay focussed on the task at hand and therefore renders you more productive.

Let me give you a few examples of how a web designer could use such software. All web designers have clients.Collecting, filing and managing the information about these clients can seem like a tedious task. Choosing the right tool for your needs is important. Many of us will add new contacts to our mobile devices or the old-school folks may even still use pen and paper. This might do the job for a while but there is a high risk to duplicate information, get confused or even worst, to lose the contact information of good prospects or clients. What a waste! Creating your own client management application allows you to gather the exact information you need and secure it in the cloud. On top of collecting the usual name and phone numbers, you can add fields such as the best time to contact them or the usual budget they will spend on a specific project. You know best what you need to know about your clients so our software lets you track just what you need.

On top of handling clients, web designers must manage the jobs associated with each of them. When you buildyou job management application, add fields to allow you to log in information such as the description of theproject, any special requests, the due dates, and so on. Since each client can have more than one job, adding a link item field to your job application allows you to be even more organized. Each job will then be linked to its specific client. When you open a client item, you can access all the jobs you did for this specific client and add new jobs easily. Don't we all love recurring business?

Once you created your applications, you are ready to use all the great features associated with your Kohezion account. The dashboard allows its users to have a sharp overview of their data. For example, create widgets presenting all your reminders, build pie or bar charts based on elements from a drop-down field, or return a favorite search in a grid or calendar view. Once again, let your creativity flow to design the perfect dashboard. It is also easy to create custom searches to slice and dice the information according to your own demands and access your data quickly. Another top of the line features offered within this software includes custom calendars, email notification, custom reports, data import and export, built-in security, and so much more.

Online database software and database applications can be great assets for web designers. If you want to learnmore about online database software and the great deals Kohezion has to offer to web designers, contact our team and mention you learned about Kohezion in this blog post. We have great deals for you!

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