How to make a folder icon

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a nice folder for your desktop or a website.

1. First of all create a new document which is 128 x 128 pixels large and has a transparent background.

2. Make a new layer, choose the Pen Tool and draw a shape wich is similar to this one:

image 1

3. Now use the following settings:

Gradient Overlay
#FFd27A -> #FFB912

Size: 1px
Position: Outside
Color: #C07C33

Inner Glow
Blend Mode: Normal
Color: #FFFFFF
Choke: 100%
Size: 1px

After that it should look something like this:

4. Then you duplicate the layer with the shape. Now you have to perspectively distort the new layer as shown on the picture:

image 3

And now scale it down a little bit, so that it looks like an 3d opened folder:

image 4

The result of step 4:

image 5

5. In this step we're going to add a piece of paper. So make a new layer and draw a shape like the one on the picture:

image 6

6. Now go to the layers palette and use the following settings:

Gradient Overlay:
Opacity: 10%
#000000 -> #FFFFFF
Angle: 50°

Size: 1px
Position: Outside
Color: #D6D6D6

It should now look similar to this one:

image 7

7. Next you turn the piece of paper to the left a little bit and put this layer under the layer with the 3D folder thing from step 4.

image 8

8. That looks quite nice, but the thing wich makes it look like a really cool icon, is to set the opacity of the 3D folder part to about 50-60%.

image 9

That's it. You can add some details and use it for a website or make an .ico file and use it for your desktop.

Thats what I came up with in the end:

image 10

Two other things wich I made with exactly the same folder parts:

image 11

How to Make a Folder Icon

I hope you liked my first tutorial, and I'm looking forward to make another one soon!

Have fun!

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