Remove White Using Channels

This tutorial works really well for anyone into photo manipulation because in this tutorial we are going to take a photograph with a white background and turn it into a transparent background without having to trace all around the object with the pen tool.

So ok we start off with a photo that was taken with a white background as I have below.

image 1

We will select the hold image by clicking Ctrl + A, then Ctrl + C to copy the image. Now we will go into the Channels bar located in the pull down menu under windows on the top of Photoshop if you don't already have it up. Then click on the click on the Create new Channel at the bottom of the channels bar and click Ctrl + V to paste the image info this new channel layer.

Now click Ctrl + I to invert the black and white image. This will make it so the colored parts of the object are selectable with you will see further down.

image 2

But now hold Ctrl and click on the channeled layer we just inverted and it should look like the image above with a ring around all the white then go back to the layers bar and click on the photos layer and click Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V this will select all the colored objects from your photo and put it into a new layer like the image shown below but remember you must turn the other layer off behind this one to see how it will look.

image 3

So now you can use this image in one of photo manipulations as I've don't below just were I have just added it into this photo to show you exactly how well it cuts the photo out.

Remove White Using Channels

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