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Angelina Jolie as a Na'vi from Avatar Movie

Lacey Photo Editing Mar 11, 2010

Pupil Size

Select the Pen tool and outline the pupil

image 2

Right click in the selection and select "Make Selection�????�???�??�?�¢?�????�???�??�?�¦".

image 3

Click OK. Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V to copy and paste the pupil as a new Layer.

image 4

Edit>Free Transform or Ctrl+T. Select the top middle of the Reference Point Location and blow it up to 150%

image 5

image 6

Close the Free Transform Tool. Nudge the pupil so that the light spot is in the same place. Just try to make it look natural.

image 7

Repeat with the other eye. And then merge the two eye layers together.

image 8

image 9

Select the Manipulated Layer and turn the Pupils Layer off

image 10

Filter>Liquify. Uncheck "Show Backdrop" and adjust to the settings show below. The Brush Size should have a similar size relation to the eye as what I have. Select the Bloat Tool and slightly bloat the eye so that the bottom half is a little fuller, trying not to affect the upper lid.

image 11

Click OK. Turn the Pupil Layer back on. See the slight bubble on the lower lid?

image 12 image 13

Erase the excess Pupil.

image 14

Pupil Color

Duplicate the Manipulated Layer. Select the Manipulated Copy Layer, hold Shift, and select the Pupils, and both Blue Layers. Ctrl+E.

image 15

You should now have the Original image, a Non-Blue Manipulated image, and the final Manipulated image with the blue skin. I renamed the newly merged Layers to manipulatedBlue.

image 16

image 17

Still on the manipulatedBlue layer, erase the Pupil and the part of the eye ball that is in the outer corners with a Soft Round Brush. Leave the inner corner blue.

image 18

Make a New Layer, using the Paint Brush tool and the color # fddc00, paint the Pupil yellow.

image 20

Change the Layer's Blending Mode to Overlay

image 21

image 22

Repeat for the other eye. I lowered the opacity of the yellow layer so that it isn't so saturated. Adjust the layer as you see fit.

image 23

image 24

Duplicate "manipulated" layer, and merge with manipulatedBlue and yellow Layers.

image 25

I outlined the eyes, crease, and Iris a bit with the Paint Brush (using black color) so they looked more defined.


image 26


image 27

Still on manipulatedBlue Layer. Use Eyedropper tool to select a green color (I'm using ##095605). Select the Paint Brush tool and change it to the settings below. Carefully paint a couple layers of color around the Iris.

image 29

image 30

image 31

Select Smudge Tool change Strength to 60% and zig zag around the Iris like this:

image 33

image 34

Select the Burn tool , change to the settings below and streak around the Iris.

image 36

image 37

Select the Dodge tool , adjust the settings as follows, and make some highlights.

image 39

image 40

Still using the Dodge tool, make a few speckles in the inside corners of the eyes.

image 41

image 42

Select the Smudge Tool , change settings to the following, stroke along the top of the bottom lid as shown below to make it bigger

image 44

image 45

Select the Dodge tool and add highlights along the outer edge

image 47

And lastly, select the Paint Brush tool and carefully paint in extra long lashes. This takes patience�????�???�??�?�¢?�????�???�??�?�¦ alternatively; you can use the pen tool if you don't have a tablet.

image 49


Select the Burn tool and slightly burn the side of the nose upwards to appear more cat-like

image 51 image 52

I also used the Clone tool with Opacity set to 10% and lightened the bottom of the nose a bit by selecting the area of skin right below the nose, and stroking along the dark areas.

Select the Burn tool once again and change the setting that shown below. The dark streak on the nose is always right below the pointiest part of the tip.

image 54

image 55

Select the Smudge tool smudge the streak slightly

image 57

image 58

Create a New Layer, Select the Paint Brush and with a pink color (I'm starting with #dd23ff), paint the nose and lips

image 60

image 61

Change the Layer Blending Mode to Color. Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation or press Ctrl+U. Adjust the color to what looks right to you.

image 62

image 63

Lower the Layer Opacity to 75%. Select the Eraser Tool lower the Opacity to 15% and Erase around the edges of the Pink so that it blends in more.

image 65

image 66

image 67

If the lips have lip gloss or lipstick: I suggest taking some of that shine away.

On the manipulatedBlue Layer, use the Eyedropper tool to select the color Blue used on the skin. Select the Paint Brush tool Lower the Opacity to 12% and swipe some blue over the lips.

image 69

image 70

image 71

Select the Burn tool and with the following settings, darken the darkest area of lips (where the lips meet) to put the contrast back in.

image 72

image 73

Create a New Layer, Select the Paint Brush Tool, lower its Opacity and paint the lips where the light hits the outer edges with White

image 74

image 75

image 76

Lower the Layer Opacity and Fill. Use the Smudge tool to smudge along the contours until you reach a desired look. Change the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay

image 77

image 78

On the manipulayedBlue Layer, select the Dodge tool and put in just a couple of little highlights.

image 79

image 80

image 81

Select the burn tool, and with the settings below, darken some of the creases in the lips if you want more contrast.

image 82

image 83

(I changed my skin tone slightly while I was working. I did this by going to Hue/Saturation)

Select the Lasso tool and select the lips

image 84

Go to Image>Adjustments>Levels or hit Ctrl+L and adjust the contrast slightly.

image 85

image 86

Nose Tip

Select the Burn Tool, make a crease in the center of the nose. Also burn the bottom of the nose to deepen it.

image 87

image 88 image 89

Use the Dodge tool at a low opacity to make little highlights on each side of the crease. I made more detail with Clone Tool as well.

image 90

Create a New Layer. Select the Paint Brush tool. Locate the Skin Brushes you loaded earlier and select the one that says "330". Lower the Opacity to 50%, Select a dark blue color (I'm using # 08213e) and click once on each side of the nose.

image 91

image 92

image 93

Erase everywhere except for where the pink is.

image 94

image 95

image 96

Make a New Layer, select Paint Brush tool. Locate the Skin Brushes and select the fourth one. With a Light Blue color (I'm using #008fff) click once on the nose.

image 97

image 98

image 99

Erase everything but the pink.

image 100

image 101

Carefully erase around the outsides of the nose so there are more speckles towards the front of the nose.

image 102

image 103

image 104

image 105

Continue to mess with the nose until you are satisfied. I went back to manipulatedBlue and used the Burn tool to make nose a bit deeper.

image 106

image 107

image 108 image 109

Go back to the Nose1 Layer (the DARK spots) and change the Blending to Overlay

image 110

image 111

Adjust both the Nose layers until you arrive at a look that seems natural. Select the Smudge tool and with these settings, define the nose if you need to.

image 112

image 113

image 114 image 115

Keep adjusting until you find a look that you agree with.

image 116

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Lacey Pierson is a graduate from the Art Institute of Portland with a Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation.
Now working at Forever 21 she loves 2D animation and she is eager to see its resurgence. She has a small obsession with ancient cultures and firmly believes that Atlantis really existed.

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