Fashion Victim - 3D Anaglyph Photoshop Tutorial

Step 7.

Next, open both of the vector packs in Illustrator. Starting with the "splatters" copy and paste several or all of them from Illustrator to Photoshop above the "right border" folder as Smart Objects. I left the vector objects as their default colors, because they worked nice for this piece, but feel free to change them if you like. Place them around the models head, back and left arm. I placed mine in four seperate layers so that I'd have more control over the orientation and positioning of each of them.
image 21

Once you've copy and pasted all the vector splatters you want, move on to repeating the process with the floral vector pack spacing them out around the model. Again feel free to change the color of any of the vector objects before copying them to suite your needs.

Create a new folder above the "right border" folder and name it "vector art". Move all your vector images into the folder.
image 22

Step 8.

Okay, okay, I know what your thinking...When are we gonna get to the 3D? Well, guess what? The moment has finally arrived! Time to bring your creation to life, so grab your 3D glasses and keep them close by your side.

First, turn off the visibility of the "right border" folder.

We know need to save the image as two seperate .jpeg/.png images. First leave the image as is and Ctrl+Shift+S or go to File>Save As to save the image. Save it somewhere you can access it easily because we'll be using it in a moment. Give it a name of "fashion_victim_left".
image 24

Next select the "fashion victim" and the "fashion victim copy" layers by selecting one and while holding Shift select the other. Press "V" to select the Move Tool. Hold Shift and press the left arrow key twice. Now as before press Ctrl+Shift+S or go to File Save As to save the image. This time give the image a name of "fashion_victim_right".
image 25

Step 9.

Open both of the "fashion_victim_left" and the "fashion_victim_right" images. With the "fashion_victim_right" image open unlock the "Background" layer and give it a name of "right". Press Ctrl+Shift+S and save it as a .psd with the name of "fashion_victim_anaglyph".
image 27

Drag the "fashion_victim_left" image into the "fashion_victim_anaglyph" .psd and give the layer a name of "left".
image 28

With the "left" layer selected lower the Opacity to 50% and you'll notice the image of the girl becomes a little bit out of focus. Using the arrow keys nudge the "left" layer so that the image of the girl becomes clear again. Reset the Opacity on the "left" layer to a 100%.
image 29

Step 10.

Turn the visibility off momentarily for the "left" layer. Select the "right" layer and press Ctrl+L or go to Image>Adjustments>Levels to adjust the levels for the layer.
image 31

Select the "Red" channel from the dropdown menu and change the "255" in the Output Levels to "0".
image 32

This will remove the red from the layer leaving you with a blue/green image.
image 33

Step 11.

Turn the visibility back on for the "left" layer. With the "left" layer selected repeat the process described in step 10, but this time for the Green and Blue Channels.
image 35
image 36
image 37

You should now have a "left" layer that is devoid of any Green or Blue as seen below.
image 38

Change the "left" layer Blend Mode to Screen.
image 39

Put your 3D glasses on. Press "V" to select the Move Tool and using the arrow keys move the "left" layer until the fashion victim model appears to pop from the background. My adjustments were as follows (Holding shift, press the right arrow four times and the down arrow once).
image 40

Step 12.

Depending on were you position your layer you'll be left with an area that isn't fully covered by the "left" layer as seen in the example below.
image 42

Press "C" to select the Crop Tool and crop out the areas which don't overlap.
image 43

Create a new folder and name it "anaglyph". Place both the "left" and "right" layers in the folder.
image 44

Step 13.

Back into the main composition, turn off the visibility for all the folders and layers except for the "right border" folder. Drag and drop the "anaglyph" folder into the main composition and place it below the "right border" folder.
image 46

The image will not fully cover the canvas, because of the small area which we cropped out. Press Ctrl+T to select the Transform Tool and scale it up until it covers the canvas again.
Fashion Victim

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