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Instant Metallic Effect

This photoshop tutorial will show you how you can add instant metallic effect to almost anything using curves. For example, the author used the effect to turn a dull plastic monitor into a chrome-plated version.

image 1

Step 1: Open your image, and make a new adjustment layer curves ( layer > new adjustments layer > curves)

image 2

Step 2: Make your curve like mine below to make your image appears very washed out.

image 3

Step 3: Click a little further along the curve and drag downwards to make your image appears much darker and more contracted.

image 4

Step 4: Now repeat the same steps and try to make your curves looks like the one below..

image 5

Basically you've done it.. If you want to add some colors, you can do it by adding Hue/Saturation adjustment layer ( layer > new adjustments layer > hue/saturation). Click on the colorize box, and play around with the hue/saturation to get the desired color.

Instant Metallic Effect

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