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Have you ever looked at the picture and thought how cool it would be if you added something from another image to it? If yes, this tutorial is for you! We’ll go through several options to merge two images together and you’ll pick the best to reach your creative goal.

The Fastest Way to Mix Images

1. Now we're gonna do some online photo mixing.Open desired images: the first picture will be your background, and the second will be an image which you want to mix with previous (it will be named Layer 1 by default).

2.Select the top image layer and choose the Opacity level you like the most.


3. That’s pretty much it! Here are my two original images:



...And that’s how I mixed them:


Another Option

This way to blend images can be used as an additional effect for photos. So, let’s do it!

1. Upload your images and use the Blend Mode. You can find it above the Layers Panel - it’s always in Normal mode, until you change it.


2. Different combinations of images have certain options that suit them the most, so it’s better to try every mode for your exact pictures. I had these two pictures and Screen mode turned out to be the best for them:




3. You can play with Opacity settings as well and choose the coolest combination.

Layer Mask Comes For Help

Though the Layer Mask is not the simplest way to mix images, it’s used much more often than the previous methods because it gives you an opportunity to choose which part of an image you want to blnd and how intensive the blending has to be.

1. Upload two images you want to blend and click the picture from the top layer. Then go to the bottom, find the Add Layer Mask option and choose it.


A white rectangle should appear next to the selected layer.


2. Now you need to find the Gradient Tool in the left toolbar. Make sure the layer mask (the white rectangle we were talking about before) is selected.


Move to the top toolbar and pick the Black, White gradient by clicking on the arrow near the gradient window.


3. Click on the area you want to be blended and drag your mouse. Done! Here are the photos I wanted to mix:



That’s what I got after using the Layer Mask:


Now when you know how to blend photos it’s time to make something beautiful and unique on your own!

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