Organic Clothing Photoshop Manipulation (Exclusive Tutorial)

Video tutorial

Step 1

Let's create a new document with the dimensions below:

image 1

Step 2

Open the photo of the model and cut it. I used the technique of cutting with the "Pen Tool"(P)

image 2

Step 3

Copy and paste the image of the model in the file we created earlier. Crank up the Free transform Box(Ctrl+T) to resize and move the model with the position data below:

image 3

Step 4

Create a new group with a white mask. inside it a "Sound Color" black (solid color will serve as a reference to draw the textured fabric)

image 4

Step 5

With the "Ellipse Tool" (U) create two circles in "Path" area. Create a selection from each "Path"

And paint with black mask group. Finally paint it black, also the upper right of the mask.

Note: with the selection active, click on the template and press "Alt+Del" to paint a mask

image 5

Step 6

Insert the image of the tissue in the group with a mask, make a copy of this layer, rasterize it and use the "Warp" to form. Repeat this process several times until you have completed the entire visible part of the mask of the group

image 6

Step 7

Create "Adjustment Layers" with the following definitions. Remember to set them to "Clipping Mask" on the layer of tissue

image 7

Step 8

We insert the image of "Grass" and Reduce the size until the appearance of the grass becomes proportional to the size of the model. Duplicate several times until it takes the entire space of the background and merge the layers.

Transform the image using "Perspective" and "Warp" giving an impression of deep crass.

Place this new layer under layer of fabric and set the "Blend" of the fabric to "Overlay"

image 8

Step 9

Our image should look like this. Now we will work on the grass. That texture ia an extension of the model's dress.

image 9

Step 10

Duplicate the layer with the texture of the grass and the bottom layer we will draw things to give more realism.

Select the "Brush" and use the definitions of the diagram.

Activate the first "Path" and draw the brush several times with the white mask of the group, changing the angle of the brush. Repeat this operation at the "Path 2"

image 10

Step 11

Add sand and sea with help of "Warp" tool.

image 11

image 12

Step 12

Add some blue color to the see :) to make it more beautiful.

image 13

image 14

Step 13

Press button "gradient" and make blue sky.

image 15

Step 14

Use images of clouds to decorate your heaven.

image 16

Step 15

image 17

Step 16

Cut out pictures of birds.

image 18

Step 17

And paste them into our final result.

image 19

Step 18

That is all! Enjoy!

image 20

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