Realistic scars

In this article I'll show you how to make the realistic scars on your photo like in the pic.1. Do you like it? Let's begin.

image 1

Step 1.

Open your picture and create a new layer (name it "The scar"). Choose Pen Tool and draw the line like in the pic.2.

image 2

Step 2.

Choose Eraser Tool and make following:

image 3

Step 3.

Set any red colour (I used #8C0202) and choose Brush Tool (set Mode: Color, Opacity: 100% in parameters). Then press Ctrl + left button of the mouse on the layer "the scar".

image 4

Step 4.

Apply Layer > Layer Style > Outer Glow and make the following requirements:

image 5

for getting "volume":

image 6

Step 5.

Choose Brush Tool again ( set Mode: Color Burn, Opacity: 10%, with the size 1 pixel) for making the scar with hems:

Realistic Scars

And that's it.

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