Make A Custom Shape

This tutorial will show you step by step how to make a basic teardrop custom shape for your Custom Shapes library. You can use the skills you learn here to go on to make your own custom shapes.

First step, open a new canvas. Make the canvas fairly large, 800+ pixels square.

To start your teardrop, select the Ellipse Tool:

image 1

Drag out an oval shape like the one below:

image 2

Next, select the Delete Anchor point tool by right-clicking on the Pen Tool:

image 3

Select the Path of the ellipse you drew by clicking on it. This will make the Anchor Points appear:

image 4

You don't need the side Anchor Points, so click on both of them to get this:

image 5

Switch to the Convert Point Tool, also found by right-clicking on the Pen Tool:

image 6

To contract the top of the ellipse into a drop shape, click on the top Anchor Point:

image 7

This will leave you with a very basic teardrop shape. If you would like to change the curve of the sides, click on the top Anchor Point again and drag down the Anchor Lines. One Anchor Line will point upwards, don't worry about that, just click on it and drag it down as well. Experiment with the Points until you get the shape you like.

image 8

You can do the same with the Anchor Lines on the bottom of the teardrop shape. You can also make the point on your teardrop higher by dragging the Anchor Point on the top vertex upwards.

Saving Your Custom Shape:

Select the Custom Shapes Tool from your tool menu:

image 9

Then open your Custom Shape Library:

image 10

Click on the blue arrow and click on Save Shapes. Type in the name of your Custom Shape and click Okay.

Next click on the Paths Tab to get the Paths Palette:

image 11

Make sure the Work Path is highlighted like it is in the above diagram.

The final step in saving your new Custom Shape is going to Edit in the top menu bar then down to Define Custom Shape and clicking on it:

image 12

Type in your Custom Shape's file name, click Okay and you're done, your new Custom Shape will now appear in your Custom Shapes Library:

image 13

Below are some examples of the new Custom Shape we just made. I made a new canvas, filled the background, made a new layer then drew several teardrops and filled them with selected

Make A Custom Shape

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