Photoshop CS6 Tutorials: Create Oil Painting Photo Effects

Today's Photoshop CS6 Tutorial on Creating an Oil painting photo effect by using the newly added special effects option called " Oil Paint ".
Now it's time to create a awesome oil painting effect by turning your photography into nice piece of art, adding a suitable Frame will add more beauty to the photo which you are going to convert into oil painting.

Final Output:
 Oil Painting Photo Effects

Step: 1

As usual, open a new photo - by selecting [CTRL+O] or FILE->OPEN...., we placed a premium stock image.
 Oil Painting Photo Effects
Anyhow you can choose from your own premium content or use the free stock image site; we made a list of large resource site for stock image lovers.

Step: 2

Always have the hobbit of Duplicate your images from the default one, in case of recovery and other effects applied to the result in future. Now select the filter menu->oil paint.... and use the following settings as shown in the image below.
Photoshop CS6 Tutorials Create Oil Painting Photo Effects
Stylization: 8.96, Cleanliness: 3.5, Scale: 8.96, Bristle Detail: 2.2
Angular Direction: 244.8 Shine: 0


Optional Effect

Now duplicate the oil painted layer and layer mode to "screen" with fill 75%. And add a "High Pass" with a value 194.6
 Oil Painting Photo Effects

Conclusion: We encourage the user to try different effect after achieve the above oil painting effect. And will let us know. Remember use your imagination as much you go and try to add default filter effects with them, blend them, merge them, duplicate the same layer for many times and changing each one will give you more unique results.

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