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Turn Everything To Gold

Step 1: Create a new document & fill it with #000000.

Go to Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise to make twinkling stars

Set amount 14% and tick Gaussian and Monochromatic

Go to Image -> Brightness/Contrast and set option:

image 1

Step 2: Open the picture below

image 2

Use any cutting tool to cut the tower out of background (in this tutorial I used Extract tool)

image 3

Step 3: Now we will use some techniques to turn the tower into gold

Press Ctrl + B to open Color Balance, set something like this:

image 4

image 5

image 6

Press Ctrl+L to open Levels :

image 7

At this state, the result will look like this :

image 8

Repeating that step with 2 another images:

image 9

image 10

The result:

image 11

Step 4: Create a new layer then put it over layer background.

Use this brush (download brush)

image 12

image 13

image 14

Apply those brushes to the picture and you will get the result like this:

image 15

Step 5: Use Custom Shape Tool to make a ribbon to hide lacunas at the bottom.

You can add some other details to make your work looks better

Here is my final result

Turn Everything To Gold

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