Reasons NOT to Host Your Website With a Designer

There are various reasons that you shouldn’t host your website with a designer, or design agency, despite them being able to make your website stand out online.

You lose control of your website

When a designer hosts your website after having done the designing work, you are likely not to have control over your website. This is because whatever the designer may be using to host your website, the ownership of that site could be probably in their name. This can be a huge problem later when you want to update your website and the given web designer may not be working for you anymore. When the hosting is under another person's name and not really your name, one cannot do the password recovery. When one has lost track with his password, this may pose a lot of problems on the given website.

You may not know where the site is being hosted

If your web designer is the one doing the hosting, you may not know where the site is being hosted-- whether there are using stable servers, strong security, geolocation near your customers or reliable third-party systems. When a website is meant to do sales online or obtain customer information, web hosting by a web designer may be exposing the company to hacker attacks.

The web designer may not have support staff 24x7x365

When web designing is done by only one person, no matter how skilled, dedicated, or talented they are, one day they will get busy or they will want to go for a vacation. If it happens that the website crashes when they are on vacation, there will be no one to assist you to solve the issue. Even though you will also know the process of hosting or maintaining the site, the fact that it will be difficult for you to access the server, you will not be able to fix the issue straightaway. Besides, when a website designer is the one who is hosting your site, you may not know how they handle the hosting. Moreover, you may not even know whether they have the support system necessary when handling emergency cases.

Risk of cut-off

Not all business relationships last forever. A designer may come to realize that the operation cost is not enough as compared to the money your company makes. Also, you may have some disagreement with the designer, and you may want to fire him, or her, along the way. Thus, when an angry person happens to be in control of your website, more problems are likely to be experienced. One of the major problems is that the said designer may opt to bring the whole website down.

Scalability/ Server stability

Hosting a website usually requires reliable connections and a fairly powerful computer. Most of our internet connections and home computers cannot handle many users. When many customers flock to the site, the server system is put under strain. In fact, some hackers find it easy to hack sites which have weaker servers; they send many information requests to the website for it to crash via a DDoS attack.

To be safe, it’s better to take control of your hosting to keep unwanted problems at bay. There are a lot of websites you can rely on for a seamless hosting, like KnownHost.com.

After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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