Reasons Why You Need a Stunning Homepage

First impressions always last. One wrong move and you risk your business sales. This is exactly what you should keep in mind when creating your homepage.

According to a certain study, about 94 percent of visitors’ first impressions were based on the design of the website. Now that’s a huge number to brush off.

With a stunning homepage, you can be sure your visitors will keep coming back for more because you convinced them the first time.

Without this, your competitors will blow smoke in your face and you’ll soon close your business.

Your Homepage Strengthens Your Brand

When consumers click on a link to your website, the first page they come across is your homepage. This what determines whether they’ll stay or leave? Just like the receptionist at any office, if they are rude, cold-hearted and unwelcoming, you’re bound to leave the office the first chance you get.

However, what happens when you come across a smiling, receptionist? One who speaks with concern and strives to understand your problem or one who is ready to offer you their services. Simply because of this first impression, even before you pour out your concerns, you’ll feel as though they have already solved your problem.

This is what will happen with a stunning website. You’ll strengthen your brand since the consumer has a clear picture of what they expect.

Your homepage should strive to portray every aspect of your company and brand at large. This will include the color and the company’s logo as well as the welcoming message.

Your Homepage Will Present What You Offer

Your homepage gives your consumer a sneak peek of what they can expect if they decide to go deeper into the website. Your homepage is more like a brochure. One that lures consumers to click on various products you offer on the website.

For example, if you offer to solve problems through a service or a product, make sure you define what you do. Tease the consumer with your products and services so that they can be attracted to your business. The best way to go about this is to make sure the message is clean, consistent and appealing.

Your Homepage Will Attract Visitors

Your homepage is what will direct your visitors to other areas of your website. This can be forms, clicking on links and even going through your informative blog.

Remember, your visitors remain your top priority. Therefore, make sure your homepage is brief and straight to the point. Have a short introduction of what you are about, some photographs of your team and the services you offer.

When visitors come across this, they’ll know you have them in mind. That you value their problems and that you have a solution for them.

Your Homepage is Your Landing Page

A while back homepages and landing pages had different purposes. However, today, these two pages work together to achieve the same result. Landing pages are used to convert visitors and homepages work toward achieving the same goal. You can merge these two pages, but you have to make sure your message stands out. Make sure all other navigation links don’t obscure the call to action and the headline.

Also, make sure you get the best homepage template to use to make sure you achieve the best results.

Optimizing Your Homepage

Creating a blog with a killer homepage is quite easy. All you need are the following tips and you’ll be good to go.

1. Create a Power Headline

The headline of your homepage should have a clear and specific message. To achieve this, use strong words that resonate with the reader’s emotions. Words like authoritative, freedom and effective binds directly with your readers.

When creating a power headline, ask yourself, what will resonate with the reader? What will convince them to take action?

2. Avoid Confusion

Many homepages have conflicting messages. It could be the CTA or the general message. Your CTA should be consistent and clear throughout. Make sure you have a specific target when relaying your message.

Also, avoid clutter on your homepage. This will confuse your visitors. Make it simple, not too attractive that your visitors don’t know where to start.

3. Add a CTA Button with Your Offer

Your CTA is what will lure your visitors. It’s like an invitation. However, don’t let it occupy the entire screen. You can also change the font to make it more captivating.

Also, you can use a phrase that attracts the visitor. Take for example, “Click Here” this CTA isn’t convincing enough. How about we add more meat to: “Click Here for a Free Analysis.” Now you have the user’s attention.


Remember, your homepage acts like your front desk. This what welcomes your potential customer when they visit your website? Therefore, you want to leave a lasting first impression on the customer. Don’t lose customers to your competitors simply because you couldn’t create a converting homepage. Take the initiative today and watch your sales increase.

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