Web Design Basics Responsive Design Responsive Designing and HR Tech - It's High Time to Demand an Amalgamation

Responsive Designing and HR Tech - It's High Time to Demand an Amalgamation

James Kalback wrote an article way back in 2002 when he started working on his first website built with responsive designing. Although his very first attempt was written off as nothing more than a failure, yet since then responsive design became one of the most vital practices in the era of the modern designing industry.

But do you have any idea on what responsive designing is? Why is it gaining more and more popularity with advancements in technology? Why is responsive designing becoming something which the HR professionals have started demanding from their HR software? Read on to know how HR software has to fast join hands with responsive designing.

Responsive designing – What is it?

If we have to start with the basics, you have to know what responsive designing is. Responsive designing is a way of crafting building web pages which automatically detect screen resolution and size. Responsive web designing transforms a website to offer optimum viewing experience and the ultimate goal is to make a website as easy to use as possible, no matter what device the user is using, tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop.

You must have come across a website where you had to pinch, pull and drag the webpage in order to continue reading what is given? If yes, this is something that is entirely opposite responsive designing.

Audi waved the green flag of responsive designing As it is usual with the different technological shifts, it was Audi which started the trend of responsive designing. Mr. Kalbach reported about his previous working days when he worked at Razorfish in Hamburg and when they were working on re-launching the website While they were speaking on page layout flexibility, they were thinking of trying out something new and they wished to stand out of the conventional fixed size web page.

Their first attempt was as simple as the present day standards and they only had 3 screen sizes to work with. But as it was their first time, it was a tough project to implement as very soon costs started adding up. It was then that both Razorfish and Audi started doubting the success of this approach. Although the next launches got rid of the design, the spark was already created and Audi and Razorfish became the actual precursors of modern responsive designing.

Cloud-based software and responsive designing

If you thought that it’s just websites that can be designed responsively, you’re wrong. There is a sudden popularity of cloud-based apps or the software which you access from your browser which adds a whole new image to responsive designing. As cloud-based software and apps run, technically as websites, they offer far more information. You regularly interact with the software and hence navigation, ease of use, irrespective of the device is necessary. SaaS (Software as a Service) companies which don’t take on the challenge of responsive designing are very soon being eliminated by other companies as they don’t seem to abide by the recent web designing trend.

Reasons to look for responsive designing from HR tech

We have already seen that cloud-based HR software has grown rapidly for the last few years and as per predictions from Gartner, by the end of 2017, it will account for more than 60% of HR tech. If you’re someone or some company which is going with the times, there are high chances that you’re already using web-based HR tech. So, why should you accept that when you can easily access your workforce data from anywhere and also engage employees on the go? If you still need to pull, pinch and zoom your webpage in order to find information, you should immediately adopt responsive designing.

When you have a good and effective HR system with responsive designing, this will permit you to manage your entire workforce from your mobile while traveling or even from your work desk when you’re sipping your coffee. Purchasing software which ‘works on smartphones’ is a different thing from purchasing software which can be actually used on your mobile phones.

Responsive designing is an emerging trend

If you mistakenly thought that responsive designing is a fad which will disappear very soon, here is some data for you.

  • 58% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices
  • 65% of people will be extremely unwilling to return to a mobile website which has trouble while using
  • 95% of US adults actively use a mobile phone

So, do you think you could withstand the competition without adapting to the trend of responsive designing? HR software will also require embracing this web designing trend and it is only then that the HR managers can effectively attract employees to their workplaces. Get in touch with a designer who is an expert in designing responsive websites and who can do the needful for you.


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