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No matter they provide home cleaning services or producing high-quality products for their customers, more and more businesses are moving online to increase their sales. This is why a greater need arises for official websites that are developed to sell. A visually appealing website may help businesses build a strong online presence, but great looking web design alone is not sufficient to generate leads and sell more. For this purpose, you need to smartly integrate the elements of marketing into your web design. Right web design helps you get more of your audience sign up for your newsletters and to encourage them to buy your products or services.


Here we have listed some sales-boosting website design tips that you can implement right now on your business website to watch how they go to work well for you.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Visitors with Messy Home Page

It may be surprising for some marketers and business owners as they assume that presenting website visitors with as many as possible products on the home page is the best way to turn them into customers. However, experts suggest that offering a single or fewer product on the home page with more details and information actually increases sales of online stores or eCommerce websites. It helps a business to focus on one or two things and answer the possible questions and queries visitors may have about displayed products or services in their minds. Whether you offering your clients with data extractor tool like email finder or selling useful daily life products, try to present one single product/services on the home page to smartly encourage them for purchases.

Make your Product/Service Visible

When customers visit the company outlet or physical store, they can look at the product, touch and even examine the products presented on the shelves. They make buying decisions based on the information they get from there. When you are selling products or services online on the website, you should be doing the same thing by making your product or service visible. It is surprising for websites that sell digital products as these are intangible goods that customers cannot touch, smell or taste. But there are many things associated with such products that customers can see. You can share a screenshot of the software, describe its usability and visuals on how it could be useful for your customers. If people see the complicated and difficult to use interface, they are less likely to buy your digital product or software. Regarding products, you should take shots of your product from different angles with a high-quality camera and present them on the web page to give a clear view of the product.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

The way people search over the web has totally changed. In a recent couple of years, the number of people accessing the web from desktops has declined and a big number of users are searching the web from their mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As mobile devices are the most popular and common way to surf the web, you should optimize your web pages in a way that visitors can easily view them on their mobile devices without zooming and pinching. If your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly then you will be losing a lot of sales for your competitors. in order to make your site mobile friendly and easy to navigate, choose a responsive web design and hire highly skilled web developers to get different website elements fixed accordingly.

Put Trust Symbols

Before making final buying decisions, people look for badges issued from reliable review sites like Yelp and payment certifications issued by online payment transfer companies like PayPal. Your website might have SSL certificate installed to make sure all the submitted details are automatically encrypted, but putting such trust symbols on the site increase reliability and credibility in the market. User-generated content like customer testimonials is also a good idea to showcase people are satisfied and happy with your services.

Live Chat

People are impatient these days and they want their queries and questions responded faster than ever before. It is the place where the live chat option can come in handy. It is an excellent way to generate more leads and sales by responding to customer queries in real-time without making them wait for hours. Chatbot integrated live chat feature can be used on business websites to address visitor questions and queries as soon as possible. When they get the desired information or details quickly, they feel valued and are more likely to buy from your business. Live chat feature could work great for every type of business website to effectively engage visitors and convert them into customers. 

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